What Happens to Your Roof in the Summer When You have Ice Dams All Winter

If you live in a snowy region of the country then you will be glad to see summer finally arriving! Dangerous ice developing on your roof throughout the winter season can really make the winter the worse part of the year. This is especially true if you are a home or business owner.


Roofs take the worst of the weather and is exposed to some adverse conditions during the cold winter months. In particular, the snow packs on the roof all winter and this can cause a lot of problems if it melts! Roof ice problems will be a major cause of damage and you should always watch out for ice dams forming on roof edges during the winter season. These are caused when walls of ice become compacted on the cold edges of your roof. The snow melts from the top of your roof, whether this is a result of a change in ambient temperatures or heat escaping from your home, snow melt water trickles down and refreezes on the roof edges. Once a wall of ice develops on roof edges there is nowhere for snow melt water to go. As the snow melt water pools up behind the wall of ice, it always seeks a path of least resistance which his most often beneath shingles or between seems. Once inside, leaks can be very destructive. This the last thing that you want after a long winter!


One of the major signs that you have roof ice problems is if you see long and large icicles hanging from the edges of your roof. This will mean that you have ice dams and if you don’t address them quickly, they can cause lots of expensive problems, which is not a task you want to think about when summer arrives. You don’t want to be dealing with a leaking roof, damaged walls and ruined décor when the sun finally comes out!


Of course, a lot of people opt for professional services to get rid of roof ice problems they are experiencing. While this will solve the problem, it will only do so temporarily. And when the next freeze and thaw cycles arrives, roof ice problems persist! This means additional money and potentially more repairs to make too. You have to end this cycle!


The best way you can put a stop to roof ice problems once and for all is by choosing an ice melt system like HotEdge. These heated roof edge panels powered with commercial grade heat trace cables are simple to install and mean that you don’t have to spend a fortune every winter on professional services. All you have to do is connect them to the cold edges of your roof and they will keep it a warm temperature that stops the snow melt water from refreezing and forming ice dams and icicles. You are not required to do anything; you just leave it powered do its magic! In reality, you only have to power the system 3 months each winter at the very most! As soon as the temperatures start to drop and there are signs of snow coming, you switch HotEdge on and your roof and property is protected for the stormy weather ahead. It is that simple!


So, put a stop to this never-ending cycle of roof ice problems with a single heat trace cable system manufactured by HotEdge. You will be glad you made the investment and this means you can enjoy summer again without carrying out time-consuming and expensive repairs to your home caused by the ice dams and icicles from each passing winter!



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