Benefits of Installing a Roof Ice Melt System

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Do you have a home in a region of the country that receives snow each year? Well, you may be thinking of installing a roof ice melt system for your home or if you haven’t, you may want to consider installing one! A roof ice melt system is going to make your winters more relaxing knowing that you do not have to worry about ice growing on your roof resulting in expensive repairs.


So, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of installing a roof ice melt system!


Prevent Water Damage with HotEdge

When ice dams and icicles develop on your roof edges, they prevent snow melt water from properly draining off your roof and reaching the ground. With ice build-up on roof edges, water pools behind the growing walls of ice and seeks a path of least resistance. Typically, this path is beneath shingles or between seams and into your home. Unfortunately, these leaks can go unnoticed for extended periods of time. Undetected, these leaks result in dangerous mold, mildew, and rot leading to very expensive repairs. The best way to protect your property from damage is to install a HotEdge roof ice melt system. This will help ensure that ice dams and icicles do not have the chance to develop on your roof by keeping roof edges and valleys heated. When snow melt water does not have the chance to re-freeze before reaching the ground, ice dams and icicles cannot form.


How Roof Ice Melt Systems Help

While you can comfortably stay in the home during a snow storm, snowpack is growing on your roof.  Everything is fine until the snow pack has the chance to melt! Melting is OK until that snow melt water has chance to re-freeze on your roof. Once re-freezing starts, damage to your roof begins. Pooled water pushes beneath shingles and into metal seams. Pushing and heaving results in damaged shingles and roof barriers. Ice on a roof can slowly migrate down roof slope which reduces the life of roofing materials. Repairs can be very expensive. But, by choosing a roof ice melt system before you experience damage as a result of ice build-up on your roof, you can extend the life of your roof and protect property inside and around your home.

When snow and ice gather on your roof, you may not think much of it. But, when ice dams and icicles form on the cold edges of your roof, it can become very dangerous. Not only can ice damage your roof, it can slide or break off and damage property below or cause a risk to humans. While icicles may be pretty to look at, they can be a real concern for you and your family. They can grow quite long and become heavy. At some point, all icicles break off and fall. One way you can make sure your family and friends on walkways, etc. are safe throughout the winter season is by installing and depending on a roof ice melt system.


Save Money!

While you may think is it difficult to justify the investment in a roof ice melt system, in the long run you will be money ahead! Sure, there will be an initial cost for installation and materials and an ongoing expense for additional energy to operate a roof ice melt system. However, when factoring the expenses of ongoing snow removal services or band-or repairs as a result of property damage, your return on investment calculations becomes a whole lot more favorable! With regard to an energy calculation, when you choose a single heat trace cable system like HotEdge, your energy bills will be lower than any other roof ice melt system option on the market. Plus, having a roof ice melt system gives you peace of mind when there is a snow storm and you know hazardous ice is not growing on your roof.


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