HotEdge® Has The First & Only Roof Edge Panel System To Passed By: Underwriters Laboratories

 —–> HotEdge UL Certificate <–—

  1. To verify if other companies you are investigating offer “roof ice melt systems” that are UL Listed for safety and compliance, simply click this link and type in company name. It’s that easy!
  2. If the company appears, be sure to look at what is listed.  All other companies that manufacture roof edge ice melt systems might appear but DO NOT offer UL Listed “systems”.
  3. They might offer UL Listed components that go with the product! The difference is significant. If the entire “system” is not UL Listed, there is no assurance that ALL of the components will operate together in a safe and effective manner.
  4. The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) logo is on most of the electrical products you use each day in your home and business for an important reason. The “UL” logo gives inspectors, installers, contractors, electricians, architects, homeowners and building owner’s the peace of mind knowing that all the components have been thoroughly tested as an entire “system”.

HotEdge takes safety and compliance very seriously which is why the company has undergone the testing requirements with UL for all HotEdge roof ice melt systems.