Special Section for Architects

Pre-Constructions Services

HotEdge project engineers work hard on the front end to help ensure the final results look and perform the way the system(s) were intended.



At HotEdge, we can help you keep project costs on track by identifying solutions within your parameters by providing detailed project estimates during the design and development phases. HotEdge also offers a complete pre and post bid cost-savings analysis.


Shop Drawings

From basic drawings to fully engineered shop drawings with custom designs and layouts, HotEdge is equipped to supply you with a set of shop drawings — performed under the supervision of a licensed engineer. Our shop drawings outline the design intent of your project and include fabrication and installation methods.


Engineering Solutions

Some projects demand a higher level of detail and customization because a mistake could be costly. Our team of consultants will confirm that the project designs are properly vetted to meet all performance requirements.


UL Listed and Thermal Heat Transfer Tested

With a commitment towards providing products/systems  that ensure the maximum for safety and heat transfer performance, HotEdge products/systems are backed by the most extensive thermal analysis testing of any heated panel system on the market today.