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Prevent Ice Dams with HotEdge

HotEdge is the leader in the world manufacturing accredited roof ice melt systems. We understand just how destructive ice dams and icicle formations can be to your roof and property. We also know that it is difficult and overwhelming to choose the right system for the roof of your home or business.

And, it may seem that the “short-term or band-aid approach” is the best solution, but that’s not the case.

Are you relying on one of these approaches?

These are all “quick fixes,” but they’re not a solution. And since you are not attacking the source of the ice problem, costs associated with “quick fixes” are re-occurring.  Obviously this is not a cost-effective approach or getting the most life from your roof decking material.

The longer ice dams exist on your roof, the more potential there is for roof and property damage to occur.

Youll also find that there are many solutions that are now over designed, more costly and less energy efficient, but they do work towards preventing ice dam formations. These concepts include:

  • Heated silicon panels
  • Aluminum metal tracks

A traditional maintenance ridden concept that is appealing only because of it’s low initial cost is the following:

  • Zigzag pattern heat trace cables

This concept cannot deliver desired and necessary results because it is not able to heat a roof edge on a continuous basis.  In addition, this approach requires at least 50% more heat cable than a HotEdge system, hence, electrical costs to operate are much higher.

HotEdge, LLC has taken exhaustive measures to engineer a more advanced and simple design which is less costly, equally effective and GREEN.

The Right Way To Prevent Ice Dams Permanently

HotEdge provides solutions that prevent ice dams and icicles from forming. Using a combination of different products, we’re able to cost-effectively prevent snow melt water from re-freezing on your roof to ensure ice dams and icicles do not have the opportunity to develop.

The most popular HotEdge systems require only one heat trace cable. This is due to the way direct heat transfer occurs in our triple sided angulated raceway that compresses heating cable.  This design captures maximum heat to extend heat transfer.  

HotEdge design is able to melt more surface area using less heating cable to keep electrical cost at least 30% lower to operate than all other options on the market.   And, you won’t have to worry about expensive maintenance or repairs.

HotEdge offers different ice dam prevention systems based on roof type.

Our systems include:

HotEdge addresses every application where problematic ice dams can develop. For example, roof valleys are a problematic region on a roof structure.  Here, snowpack converges and compresses to form glacial style ice.   HotEdge product ensures that snow melt water always has a clear path down a roof valley to the gutter system, etc.  The original HotEdge Rail solution is perfect for metal roof edges and prevents ice dams and icicles from forming.   If there is a major problematic area on a metal roof or the desire is to see a bare metal roof, HotSeam is the tested answer.

HotEdge takes roof ice prevention seriously to engineer an effective, simple and low cost systems for all roof types. When your roof has ice dams or icicle problems, you risk premature roof failure and costly repairs. Take the time to talk to a professional to help you decide which ice melt system is right for your roof.

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