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Metal Roofing Magazine

“HotMetalPRO , Stop Ice Dams and… ”

HotEdge Project: Mountain Resort Property Vail,CO.

Marriot StreamSide is a  39-villa location rental property . The project has used metal roofing in the past, which was damaged beyond repair from picks and shovels used by ice and snow removal companies …

The Idea Book 2018 / Snow Management Systems

“HotEdge manufactures the next generation of metal roof ice prevention systems…”


” HotEdge Rail is the first and only UL Listed roof edge ice melt system in the U.S.”

Metal Roofing  Aug-Sep 2010

“HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System takes a new approach by incorporating standard UL-approved …”

Metal Roofing Oct-Nov 2014

“Carries over 17 styles of snow guards for every application:

cedar shake, asphalt, slate and metal roofing. Detailed information including…

Rural Builder  Sept 2010

“An Illinois start-up company has an efficient solution 

to commercial and residential roof ice problems…”

Rural Builder Aug 2012

“HotEdge prevents ice formations from developing between

the snow fence and the roof edge; the region where

most ice problems begin…

Western Roofing Mar-Apr 2011

“HotEdge Roof Ice Systems incorporates three components that    

work together to create and maintain a consistent path for snow-melt 

to exit the roof without re-freezing…”