3 HEAT CABLES: 7,000’ ELEVATION: 350” AVG. SNOWFALL 3 HEAT CABLES: 7,000’ ELEVATION: 350” AVG. SNOWFAL 1 heat cable: 6,900’ elevation: 325” avg. snowfall 1 heat cable: 10,000’ ELEVATION: 191” AVG. SNOWFALL 1 heat cable: 8,000 elevation: 295” avg. snowfall 1 heat cable: 8,000 elevation: 191” avg. snowfall 1 heat cable: 8,100 elevation: 325” avg. snowfall 2 heat cable: 8,100 elevation: 325” avg. snowfall 3 HEAT CABLES: 7,000’ ELEVATION: 350” AVG. SNOWFALL Front View of House Roof Covered in Snow 1 HEAT CABLE: 8,000 ELEVATION: 155” AVG. SNOWFALL 1 heat cable: 8,000 elevation: 295” avg. snowfall


Key Advantages of HotEdge® Roof Ice Melt Systems:

  1. 70% Less Heat Trace Cable = Significant Energy Savings  for Both You and The Enviroment
  2. Revolutionary Design Heats More Roof Surface with Less Heat Trace Cable
  3. HotEdge® Has The First & Only Roof Edge Panel System To Pass UL Standards
  4. Patented SMART Design Allows for Cost Effective Inspection, Maintenance & Replacement
  5. Proven in Harshest Conditions at 11,300 ft Elevation
  6. Best Customer/Support Service. Our Agents Will Answer Every Concern Along The Way


Slide “Just a heads up, we finally got some snow so I have had a chance to try your product. I have only had a few days but so far it seems to be working great. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with an ice dam problem or even if they get a buildup of snow and are worried it will fall on someone.”[Garry, Lake Ontario, NY] Slide “We are very happy with our HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System. It is keeping the roof edge clear of ice just as advertised. It’s doing what we want it to do.” [Dave B. New York, NY] Slide “The install went very well and the customer is very pleased. We are looking forward to the next one.” [Mike L. Manchester, NH] Slide The HotEdge system met and exceeded expectations. Not only does it look good because it blends well with the roof, but I like that I can remove the electrical connection from the soffit to the electric outlet in the summer. Nice product." [John W.] Slide "Snowfall has been significant where we live. Can’t be happier with the system. A great investment as far as we are concerned." [GM.]

    Attention Customers : False UL Claims!    

It Is Indispensable To Fact Check Whether Another Roof Ice Melt  Company Really Offers UL Listed Systems For Safety And Compliance. Architects, Engineers And Electricians Identify With This Statement.

For HotEdge UL Listed Certificate:

→UL Certificate of Complience HotEdge Product Line←


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