Why Ice Dams Cause So Many Issues

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Ice Dams Can Be Dangerous and Hazardous

The sparkling and dazzling formations of ice dams clinging to the roof edge of your home or office building conceal the true impact of these frozen glacial masterpieces. You may stare in amazement at nature’s icy designs, but ice dams are extremely destructive to property.  An ice dam forms when accumulated snow on a roof turns to snowmelt and re-freezes. As snowpack melts at an accelerated rate, it then travels to the roof’s edge and freezes from the cold freezing ambient air and frozen roof edge. Many property owners do not see the harm in the beautiful ice dams that have formed along the edge of a roof. However, ice dams cause so many hazardous and dangerous mildew, rot, and mold issues to the structure and insulation that remain concealed from homeowners and commercial property owners until the damage is done.  In fact, over $3B worth of insurance claims were made last year for ice damage. Many insurance companies are now denying claims if ice has been a pre-existing condition.

Ice dams can also cause extensive external damage. Evidence of leaking water can be visible as streaks coming from behind gutters and from underneath eaves down the exterior walls of the home and damage the paint and siding. An ice dam prevents snowmelt water from reaching the roof edge. This snowmelt water then pools behind an ice dam and attacks the path of least resistance; inside your home or commercial space.

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Ice dams are destructive forces of nature that may appear harmless, however, they should not be left unattended. All it takes is one ice dam to result in costly repairs. Don’t empty your pockets or risk the health of your family or customers by failing to take the necessary simple steps to prevent ice dams from forming! The HotEdge customer support team has manufactured UL and NEC accredited roof ice melt systems that will prevent ice dams from forming on all roof structures. To schedule an assessment of your home or business, contact the HotEdge technicians today by calling 1-800-411-3296.


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