About HotEdge®—“We Melt More With Less™”


In 2008, HotEdge® systems were born on this mountain home in a very high load snow region in the Rocky Mountains.  The owner of the home quickly recognized the market need for a more energy efficient, affordable, and simple roof ice melt system for his own home since all existing concepts were either over-designed and prohibitively expensive to install, operate, and maintain.

HotEdge was incorporated and a group of engineers and experts were assembled that included world-class resources like Martin Engineering.  A global leader in engineered solutions for many problematic applications.  Several years were dedicated towards testing, engineering various designs in order to develop a system that would solve common property damage issues related to roof ice and snow.  Concepts like aluminum metal tracks, zig zag heat cable and silicon mats all were plagued with more cons than pros, hence, not realistic alternatives.

In 2012 HotEdge patented system was awarded the first and only UL Listed certification for a roof edge ice panel system. Our US manufactured roof ice system offers a simple solution for all roof types that is both economical and that addresses the root cause of snow and ice issues. Through an ongoing, dedicated R&D focus with a staff having over 50 years of experience in the roof ice and snow industry, HotEdge is rapidly expanding world-wide and building longstanding partnerships with: Architects, Build Design Firms, General Contractors, Engineers, Roofing Contractors, Roofing Material Supply Companies, Facilities Professionals, Homeowners and Licensed Electricians.

HotEdge is committed to bringing to you the best in both energy efficient design and third-party accredited roof ice prevention systems available. We look forward to an opportunity to gain your trust and help solve your roof ice issues with our quality product offerings and unmatched customer service.

HotEdge® Team ↓

Andy Elson, President

Fernando Garcia, Project Manager & Social Media

Josh Taylor, Thermodynamic Engineering, R&D and Product Testing

Eric Richards, Northeast Distributor

Bronson Rumsey, West Market Sales & Marketing

Mike Riley, Manufacturing & Product Design

Marie Molina, Logistics & Fulfillment


To provide energy efficient, low cost, simple, and effective roof ice melt systems for residential and commercial roof structures on a global basis.