When is the Best Time to Install a Roof Ice Melt System?

Have you had a problem ice dams or icicles on your roof in the past? If you live where it snows, your home is vulnerable to the hazards caused by ice dams and icicles. After a hard winter, the repairs can be costly and very inconvenient. That is why more and more homeowners and businesses are installing roof ice melt systems on their roofs.


So, what is a roof ice melt system? Well, just like it sounds, it is a system that maintains a melt path for snow melt water so that snow melt water does not have the chance to re-freeze before it reaches the ground! Roof ice melt systems manufactured by HotEdge engineered a simple design that secures a commercial grade heating cable where it is needed most to prevent hazardous ice build-up on any roof structure. A warm roof edge stops ice dams from forming in the first place.   Of course, without ice dams you won’t have to worry about pooled water finding a path of least resistance into your home causing mold, mildew, and rot.


When homeowners have made their mind up about getting a roof ice melt system, a common question they ask is when might be the best time to install it? There is no doubt the best time to install your new roof ice melt system is in the warmer months of the year, such as Spring or Summer time. In the Fall, you run the risk of installers being overbooked and not able to install your system before winter weather. Once winter weather arrives, systems become increasingly more difficult to install. More difficult does not mean systems cannot be installed. In reality, roof ice melt system can be installed year-round, however, if you want to be insured of having ice free roof edges throughout the winter season, Spring or Summer is the best time to have a system installed!


The great thing about a roof ice melt system like HotEdge is that they are easy and simple to install. In fact, no modifications are needed and HotEdge panels retrofit on your existing roof. So simple to install, you can rely on existing relationship you have with an electrician, general contractor, handyman, roofer, home remodel company, etc.


Of course, another popular question that homeowners frequently ask when they decide to install a new roof ice melt system is how much it is going to cost to operate throughout the winter season. Well, you will be pleased to hear that HotEdge systems are the most energy efficient option available! Because it’s patented direct heat transfer design, only a single heat cable is needed on most projects.   The truth is, a roof ice melt system only needs to be powered 3 months a year at the very most! A small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing your roof is free of problematic ice this winter and every winter.


When it comes to maintenance, a HotEdge roof ice melt system is easy because the commercial grade heating cable is partially exposed. This allows access to remove and replace the heating cable. In addition, every HotEdge system supported with a 20-year warranty.


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