If You Aren’t Looking for an Ice Dam Prevention System it’s Too Late

When it’s time to find a solution for roof ice dam problems, there are many factors to take into consideration. It is a decision that takes time and research.

If you want a long-term solution to your roof ice problems, here are some facts you should know before making this important decision.

In order to really solve your roof ice problems, the edges of your roof need to be heated continuously. Heating cable placed on your roof won’t do the trick, even if it’s placed in a zig-zag or serpentine pattern.

Now that you know that you need to distribute continuous heat to your roof’s edge, you should also know that there are only three systems on the market that provide the continuous heat you need. These systems are 1) heated mats, 2) aluminum metal track, and 3) HotEdge Roof Melt Systems.

Heated mats cost the most, by far. They are more expensive to produce, to install, and they can cause huge spikes in your energy bills. Also, you cannot service heated mat systems yourself, as they are installed buried under your roofing material. This makes them impossible to access.

Simply put, aluminum metal track roof melt systems are outdated. The metal racks are designed poorly, with the heating cables too close together. This prevents the heating cables from producing the maximum amount of heat. And the heat transfer for aluminum metal tracks is indirect, which ends up requiring more heating cable. This makes the whole system woefully inefficient in terms of energy.

HotEdge is by far the best choice when you’re looking for a roof melt ice melt system. Our products are low-cost and high-performance. We’re what you and your roof deserve.

We’ve made it easy to find a quality, cost-effective roof melt ice system. Call us today at 800-411-3296 to receive your customized quote.



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