7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Roof

The roof of your home protects you and your family from the elements, but can sometimes be forgotten. Here are some interesting facts to test your overall roof knowledge!

Metal roofs provide the best protection. Whether it’s ice, snow or ice dams, a metal roof is the way to go! Many metal roofs can even withstand winds up to 160 miles per hour!

Bolts out of the blue. Many ice dam companies will tell you that that metal roofs attract lightning. This is simply not true! While metal is a conductor of electricity, lightning is not drawn more to metal than to any other roofing material.

Your roof can warm H20. Metal roofs can serve a double duty and be used to heat water for a bath or for swimming.

It’s alive! You can convert your roof into a living roof and grow plants on it. Save yourself a trip to the grocery store for veggies! Living roofs can also reduce storm water run off.

Water travels. Water makes a path before dripping down visibly. It’s possible for a leak to come out as much as twenty feet away from the original leak in the roof!

Roofs need check-ups, too! The life of a roof can be greatly extended by routine inspections accompanied by a bi-annual gutter cleaning. Schedule regular inspections to catch maintenance issues before they arise.

Pile it on. When a roof is being replaced, you may not need to remove the old roofing materials. Sometimes, new roofing material can be placed directly on top of the existing roofing materials, provided there’s enough support for the weight.

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