Water Damage from Ice Dams – How to Clean Up

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An ice dam is a small wall of ice that forms at the roof edge in certain winter conditions. When the warmth of a home or building escapes through the ceiling, snow pack melts the snow melt water trickles down to the roof eave and freezes. Gradually growing into a wall of ice. The pooled snow melt water then looks for the path of least resistance which is typically between shingles on a roof deck and into your home. This leak finds insulation between walls creating dangerous mold, damages drywall,  paint, flooring, etc. Ice dams can damage both your roof and the interior and exterior of your home, and can put gutters and downspouts at risk for damage as well.

When an ice dam causes water damage, there are a few things you need to know:

Remove items from water-damaged areas as soon as you detect the water damage from an ice dam.

Call a restoration company- Because water damage can lead to dangerous mold. It is best to let a professional handle the cleanup and restoration of water damage left behind by an ice dam. A reputable water damage restoration company will come to your home and assess the damage for free before beginning the water extraction, drying and sanitation process. Most restoration companies will handle insurance paperwork for you, so they can help file an insurance claim.

Prevention is key- To ensure that ice dams don’t cause further water damage to your home and prevent them from returning. Look into roof ice melt systems like the patented and accredited products offered by HotEdge. We have a wide selection of systems for all types of roofs. Call HotEdge today at 800-411-3296, or click here to get a customized Roof Ice Melting Systems Quote.


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