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As Temperatures Rise, so do Issues Caused by Ice Dams

Freeze and Thaw Cycles are the perfect recipe for creating Ice Hazardous Dams on your roof.

Spring has finally arrived! No need to worry about ice accumulating on your roof and causing damage anymore this year, right? Wrong! As temperatures rise and thaw cycles are followed by freeze cycles. This typical Springtime condition helps build ice dams and the damage they can cause remain a property risk.

The water damage from an ice dam is caused by warm air from the attic AND ambient temperature changes heating the snowpack on the roof. When this occurs, snow melt water develops seeking a path of least resistance which in most cases is between shingles and into your home or business. Leaks created hazardous and difficult to reach mold. Cleanup and restoration can be very costly. Everything inside is at risk. Now’s the time to combat the costly effects of water damage this spring- and prevent future ice dams from forming throughout future winter seasons. Investing in a roof ice melt system from HotEdge.

With systems available for all types of roof construction, HotEdge has a solution for you. Call us today at 800-411-3296, or click here to request your customized Ice Melting Systems Quote, and step into spring with peace of mind that the thaw won’t cause damage to your roof and interior.


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