Ice Dam Problems Can Cost Homeowners Thousands of Dollars in Repairs Every Year

With a continental climate, Minnesota can experience extreme weather changes throughout the year and cold winters are expected in many areas of the state. This means cold temperatures, snowfall, and even blizzards. For example, Minneapolis has around 37 days of snow each year with up to 54 inches on the ground, while northeastern Duluth, experiences 60 snow days and up to 86 inches of snow annually. If one state isn’t a stranger to snow, it’s Minnesota.

While everyone enjoys the winter wonderland image of snow, the damage it can cause your home is not so great. Minnesota ice dam problems are due to sunny winter days and are costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs every year. Ice dams form when the heat from the sun or the warm temperature from your home rises and causes the snow that has gathered on your roof to melt. Usually this snow will refreeze when it flows down to the cold eaves on your roof and this creates a dam that prevents proper drainage. With nowhere for water to go, it backs up into your roof shingles and this causes leaks, wall rotting and damage to floors and paintwork.

But, there is something you can do to prevent ice dams from forming and it all starts with HotEdge. We are the leader in manufacturing accredited roof ice melt systems in the United States and we offer you a permanent solution with ice dam prevention products. Unlike other companies that offer you quick fixes and temporary solutions to combat ice dams, we prevent ice dams from forming once and for all. Our cost-effective systems prevent snowmelt water from refreezing on your roof, so dams cannot develop and block drainage. You can say goodbye to roof leaks, wall and floor damage. What’s more, our systems melt more surface area using less heating cables than all other options on the market. Not only is this more effective and efficient, but it also keeps your electrical costs 30% lower to operate. Can you think of anything better?

You may be asking yourself, what’s the ice dam damage repair cost? At HotEdge, our aim is to provide you with an effective, simple and low cost ice dam prevention system that is suitable for all roof types. Whether you have an asphalt shingle, metal or synthetic slate roof, we have a permanent solution for you.