California is famous for its hot Mediterranean weather and long lasting droughts, but residents in the Tahoe region will know this is not the whole story. With a subarctic climate of extreme temperatures and cold Sierra Nevada winters, Tahoe knows exactly what snow looks like. For example, the city of Tahoe sees an average of 39 snow days a year with up to 184 inches of snow. Most recently, in January 2017, Lake Tahoe had an unbelievable 237 inches of snowfall that made records.

With snow seen as early as November right through until April, ice dams are a real problem in the Golden State. They form when the heat escapes through the roof of your home and causes the snow on top to melt and slide down towards the cold eaves. This is where it re-freezes and causes problems. This blocks proper drainage on your roof and the water backs up into the shingles. Ice dams costs homeowners in Tahoe thousands of dollars a year in repairs, from roof and eave repair to wall and floor replacement.

But, there is something you can do to prevent ice dams forming and damaging your home. With HotEdge you can protect your property from the destructive impact of ice dams before it occurs. As the leader in manufacturing accredited roof ice melt systems, we know exactly how to stop snow water from refreezing on your roof and this is exactly what our systems do. Unlike steam machine services and temporary, quick fix solutions, HotEdges offers you the only permanent solution to your ice dam problems. We stop them right in their tracks, meaning you never have to work about roof leaks, wall rot or floor damage ever again.

What’s more, our HotEdge systems melt more surface area using less heating cables than all other options on the market. This means that our systems are not only more effective at preventing ice dams, but they are also able to lower your electricity costs by 30%. Can you think of a better solution?

At HotEdge, we proudly provide our services to the Tahoe region of California. Our aim is to deliver effective, simple and low cost systems for all roof types. Whether you have an asphalt shingle, metal or synthetic slate roof, one of our professionals can find the right HotEdge system for your home today.