Is My Home Too Old to Install Roof Ice Melt Systems?

When you see that first flutter of snowfall, there is always mixed feelings. For lots of people, it is a sign of the festive season and when you are wrap up warm and enjoy a winter wonderland. But, when you have your own home, you often view snow in a different light. Why? Well, because snow can lead to ice dams and ice dams can lead to property damage. We’re not just taking about a little; snow and ice can cause thousands of dollars of damage to our home if we aren’t careful.


A lot of people opt for short term solutions to the problem of ice dams, such as roof rakes and products you can buy from the store to melt the ice. While these might be effective in dealing with the problem at the time, do you really want to be up at your roof getting rid of the snow and ice every time there is a storm? We all live busy lifestyles and this is surely not on our list of favorite things to do!

Of course, this is when people turn to professional services that use machines to blast away the ice dams. Again, yes this can get rid of them. But, for how long? Not to mention, it can cost you a lot of money to keep having a professional visit your home every time the snow falls. We think this is a waste of money when you could be looking for a long-term solution that will keep ice dams away forever.

This is where roof ice melt systems come in; there is finally a solution! These are increasing in popularity because they solve all the problems we have been talking about. They are cost effective, easy to install and don’t require any work from you. Sounds great, right? These ice melting systems don’t let ice dams form by providing your roof with heat. By keeping your roof surface warm, the snow that melts and runs down your roof cannot refreeze, which means no dams will appear to damage your shingles or inside your home.

A natural question we get is whether the roof of your home is too old for new roof ice melt systems. But, you don’t have to worry about that. In fact, at HotEdge we have created roof ice melt systems that are specially designed for new roofs and old roofs, as well as any type of home roof. As long as your roof isn’t falling apart and needing replaced, there is a solution. This means that there is truly something for everyone and every kind of home with HotEdge. All you have to do is have the ice melting systems installed and it is all ready to go. It is that easy.

The most important thing you can do to combat ice dams is prevent them starting the first place. This is what is going to make sure your new or old roof stays in good shape and doesn’t fall victim to any winter damage. The only real way to do this is with quality roof ice melt systems like HotEdge.

It doesn’t matter what age your roof is, whether it is brand new or 10 years old, ice dams can still be a problem during the winter months when there are storms and fluctuating temperatures. Invest in roof ice melt systems to make sure they don’t make an appearance on your roof ever again. Ice dams will truly be a worry of the past. See, that wasn’t so difficult after all!


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