HotEdge Systems For Existing Metal Roofs



HotEdge Rail is the first and only UL Listed roof edge ice melt system in the U.S. The revolutionary NEW patent-pending HotEdge Rail is engineered to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming along the edge of most roof structures by compressing a 12-watt commercial-grade, self-regulating heat cable directly against the existing metal drip edge. HotEdge Rail fastens to the fascia beneath the metal drip edge of a roof, providing a containment system for the heat cable. HotEdge Rail is designed for a fast, simple retrofit to existing roofs or for installation on new construction. The system requires no roof clips or penetration of the roof deck, and no modifications are necessary on most metal roof structures.





HotDrip product is designed to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming at the edge of “A-Style” metal roof edges utilizing a commercial-grade 12W self-regulating UL-approved for roof and gutter deicing heat cable.  Many metal roof edges to not have a metal lip/drip edge and use a 90 degree edge.  This  “A-Style” is used in the rakes of gable roof ends to achieve a neat even finish designed to simply cover and protect exposed  wood sheeting edges from moisture deterioration.  This flush mounted roof edge is just flashing with a 90 degree bend and with a small offset hem at the bottom which prevents snowmelt from running down the fascia board. For simple installation, HotDrip slips between a small horizontal gap between the bottom edge of the metal roofing material and the top surface of the cap. It is important to confirm that this horizontal gap exists and to understand how the roofing material is secured, i.e. the space available to slide HotDrip into the horizontal gap.

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HotDrip Data Sheet

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HotSeam attaches to existing standing-seam metal roofs to create melt pathways on metal roof decks. This NEW patent-pending system is used in conjunction with the HotEdge rail to prevent ice melt from refreezing and forming icicles and ice dams on the roof edge. HotSeam is designed to firmly press heat cable against the existing metal roof panel along the seam, conducting thermal energy directly to the exposed roof panel to create a melt path down to the roof’s edge. When installed, a retention device clamps to the raised seam, providing a padded loop to securely hold the 12-watt commercial-grade, self-regulating heat cable in place.

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HotSeam Data Sheet

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HotValley creates wide melt path for snow melt water to prevent ice dam formations. It is recommended that HotValley be used in combination with any HotEdge roof edge ice melt system since it is always critical that snow melt water created by HotValley is not able to re-freeze on roof edges where icicles and ice dams could form. HotValley is composed of a three sided metal track designed to encapsulate one or two runs of commercial-grade 12W self-regulating UL-approved deicing heat cable. It is designed for fast, simple installation in all roof valleys. The HotValley is attached to the valley with high quality commercial grade polyurethane adhesive, avoiding penetrations to the roof deck. Thermal energy is conducted directly from the heat cable to the HotValley track, and radiates outward from the track, resulting in a wide melt path sufficient to prevent pooling and allow snowmelt to reach the heated roof eave.

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