Think Twice Before Removing Ice Dams Yourself

think twice before removing ice dams yourselfIce dams – they can happen on any home where you have snow and freezing and thawing temperature swings. At HotEdge, we’ve seen icicles hanging off the side of roof edges, but many people don’t realize these icicles are a platform for ice dam formations.  These ice dams need to be removed, and a proper prevention system should be put in place to stop them from forming in the future.

Heat that escapes through your roof can cause ice to melt and the snow melt water to refreeze over and over again. Each freeze thaw cycle is a building block for an ice dam.  The larger they become, the more likely pooled water will find a path inside. When pooled snow melt water is allowed to sit on your roof deck, it will:

  • Slowly seek the path of least resistance which is eventually into your home or business causing mold and expensive repair
  • Degradate your roof deck.
  • Cause excess weight to exist on your roof which can lead to a roof collapse in structures not built to handle snow loads.
  • Can cause injury or property damage if the ice dam dislodges from the roof deck and lands on a person, animal, or property below.
  • Cause your shingles to wear prematurely and rot.

Many homeowners and businesses want to save money, and who can blame them? The amount of time it takes to remove an ice dam is typically 2 to 4 hours, but complexity of the job may drag the job out far longer.

It’s not a job that’s easy to do on your own, and there is a real possibility that you will:

  • Slip and fall off the roof.
  • Cause damage to your shingles or roof deck.

No one wants to have to walk on their roof, especially when it’s covered in ice that can easily cause you to slip and fall.

You’ll find that there are various chemicals and products on the market that aim to “help” remove ice dams, but these products are chemical-ridden and can cause rust your gutters, cause premature wear and discolorations, and damage landscaping.

In short, you never want to remove an ice dam on your own. Leave it to the professionals.

Ice dam removal is a short-term band-aid to your underlying problem which will keep repeating itself. If you choose to simply remove the ice dam without fixing the underlying issue, you’ll find that every time it snows, a new ice dam will form. As a result, you’ll have to withdraw more funds to repeat the removal process. It’s an expense that many homeowners come to expect during the winter months, but there is a solution: roof ice melt systems.

HotEdge Roof Ice Dam Prevention Systems

Instead of testing your luck – or roof – it is better to take the proper measure to remove ice dams permanently. Roof ice melt systems will prevent ice from accumulating on your roof in the first place, so you’ll never need to call a removal company again.


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