Should I Hire an Ice Dam Removal Service?

Ice dams are staShould I Hire An Ice Dam Removal Servicerting to form all around the country this winter season. While temperatures are unseasonably warm, cold fronts are moving through that will cause many homeowners to suffer from hazardous ice dams.

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Many homeowners are wondering if they should hire an ice dam removal service, and the answer is always the same: no.

Why should you NOT call an ice dam removal service?

Risk of Roof Damage

Shovels are often used by services to remove the snow and ice from your roof. With immense pressure being put on your roof, this can cause your shingles to break or result in roof damage. Furthermore, you’ll have people stepping all over your shingles with the potential of falling and breaking them, or an injury occurring.

A natural solution is needed if you want to remove ice dams without the risk of roof damage.

Temporary Solution

Why would you pay several hundred dollars for an ice dam removal service when it isn’t a permanent solution? Ice dams form because of heat from the roof melting the snow, which causes ice to form and re-melt on the roof. Eventually, a big ice dam will form, causing all the melted water to get stuck on your roof and refreeze continually.

Whether raked or shoveled off of the roof, snow will form once again, and ice dams will be the end result.

Ice dam removal services do not tackle the root of the problem. If a snowstorm comes through just a day after your ice dam removal service has cleared your roof, the ice dams will form once again, causing you to have wasted money in the process.

Personal Injury Risks

Snow and ice are a recipe for disaster. Not only do these elements reduce your traction, they also pose the risk of injury. When professionals walk on your roof to remove ice and snow, there’s a risk that they may fall and become severely injured.

Many homeowners will also have bad experiences with these removal services, and choose to undertake the job on their own the next time.

Ice dams pose significant safety risks not only to the people that attempt to try and remove the dam, but also to any unsuspecting victims below. Ice dams can weigh several hundred pounds, and can come crashing down at any moment. If a person is walking by and an ice dam breaks loose, you may be held liable for injuries.

Professional ice dam removal services simply do not offer a long-term, viable solution to remove ice dams. Through the proper removal methods, we’re able to offer sufficient removal and prevention of ice dams through a permanent solution.

Permanent Ice Dam Prevention Solutions from HotEdge

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