Take The Proper Ice Dam Prevention Steps to Avoid Danger

Ice dams are hazardous problems that can lead to roof damage and premature roof replacement as well as leaks, injury and more. Many homeowners don’t realize the high costs they’re facing by allowing ice dams to build up on their roofs each winter.

Proper ice dam prevention will substantially reduce costs associated with roof ice.

What dangers do ice dams pose?

Falling Ice Dams and Injury

Ice on a roof structure may seem harmless, but when it falls from several feet above the victim, injuries can and do occur. Many times, injuries are lethal.  A falling piece of ice can cause eye injuries, head trauma, severe cuts , or worse. A news report out of Ottawa demonstrated the potential injuries that ice dams can cause.

An ice dam caused a 100-kg block of ice to form on a building. A man was walking down the street when the large block of ice hit him in the head, causing head and shoulder injuries.

Water Leakage and Mold Growth

When pooled snow melt water trapped behind an ice dam has nowhere to go it seeks the path of least resistance; between shingles and into your home or commercial space.  This leads to structural rot and hazardous mold as result of roof leaks

Attempting to Remove Ice Dams Can Cause Harm

Ice is difficult enough to walk on even on a leveled sidewalk. Homeowners and business owners can slip and fall off of their roof by attempting ice dam removal. Even if homeowners or business is not on the roof itself but is attempting to remove the ice dam by other means, they can become injured.

If roof ice is not prevented the result can be significant injury to yourself or others in the vicinity.

Significant Damage to Your Roof and Home

A major concern for any home or business owner is the fact that roof ice is not only a result of heat loss but is it also the result of ambient temperature changes which are outside everyones control! Properly insulated attics cannot overcome the freeze and thaw cycles caused by ambient temperature changes. With this understanding, ice dams and icicles can develop on any roof structure in a region where you have freeze and thaw cycles.  Period.  

Snow that has accumulated on a roof structure and begins to melt will not be able to drain properly due to ice dams. The pooled snow melt water that remains on the roof will eventually find its way inside and structural rot and hazardous mold will develop.

The Most Overall Effective Ice Dam Prevention System On The Market Today

Don’t trust just any company or product to prevent ice dam formation on your roof. HotEdge is the only UL Accredited Ice Dam Prevention System for safety and compliance on the market today. To learn more, call (800) 411-3296.


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