Will a HotEdge Ice Dam Prevention System Lower My Cost Of Home Insurance?

how to choose the right roof melt system for your roof | HotEdge Roof Ice Dam PreventionClaims made to repair damage caused by ice dams can affect your homeowners insurance. While you may not get a lower insurance premium for installing an roof ice mitigation system, you can inquire with your insurance company for a discounted rate.  Afterall, installing a roof ice melt system will reduce claims filed.   Traditionally, all insurance companies have their own protocols when it comes to roof ice problems.

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For example, an insurance company may offer ice dam removal. But, this is the exception and not the rule.

AIG and Amica are known to cover the cost of ice dam removal, but the ice dam must be causing damage to your home.  A leaky roof caused by an ice dam would typically satisfy requirements for the ice dam removal. As a homeowner, you never want your roof to start leaking because of an ice dam that could have been prevented.

Lower Premiums As A Result Of Fewer Claims

Some homeowners, do not make a claim when an ice dam caused damage to their home. This is because the deductible may outweigh the cost of the ice dam removal. But, leaving an ice dam to sit on the roof, can cause premature roof failure.

When a HotEdge ice dam prevention systems are installed, claims for ice dam related damages with your insurance company will be eliminated. Not only will you save money on deductibles, you won’t have to worry about your insurance premiums rising due to making a claim.

New Roof Installation Due To Ice Dams

This is a very important point that needs to be made. Ice dams do cause damage to your roof. However, insurance will not pay for a new roof if an ice dam caused the damage. Why? Ice dams are not an indication that a roof has problems. So, your insurance company will not pay for a new roof to be installed.

Even if the ice dam causes damage to your roof, you may not be able to file a claim.

The insurance company may state that you allowed the ice dam to persist resulting in the roof damage. This would fall under negligence.

It’s very difficult to say whether your insurance company will approve a claim due to damages related to an ice dam. The wording in your policy will have an impact on your chances of filing a successful claim. Most policies will not offer a reduced insurance premium due to having an ice dam prevention system installed.

But, if you live in a snow load region where freeze and thaw cycles occur, such as Colorado or Minnesota where ice dam problems are common, you may be able to negotiate lower insurance premiums. It’s best to discuss your options with your insurance agent to determine if a discount can be applied to your policy due to your initiative to take preventive measures by installing an ice dam prevention system.

Affordable Roof Ice Melt Systems

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