Why Having a UL Accredited Ice Dam Prevention System is Important

HotEdge UL CertificationWhen searching for a way to prevent ice dams, you will likely come across many different brands of heated roof ice melter. However, most of these products will not have UL accreditation. UL is a non-profit global organization that provides rigorous standards and testing to help companies provide sustainable and safe electric products. Here are several reasons by having a UL Accredited heated roof is so important:

For Safety and Compliance

As an independent third party, UL Laboratories has determined the criteria required to make anything electrical safe around your home.

One of the criteria is that a system is compliant with National Electrical Code (NEC) standards. Specifically, the NEC has a code addressing the application of heat cable on a roof structure. The NEC (Article 426.1 B) states:  “The requirements of this article shall apply to electrically energized heating systems and the installation of these systems” that are “[e]xposed . . . on roofs and other structures.”

HotEdge, Inc. is the first and only ice dam prevention company to complete the rigorous process necessary to test and certify an entire roof edge ice melt system and earn the right to be UL Listed and a receive UL Certificate of Compliance. 

The UL distinction is important since, without it, potential homeowners and businesses have little assurance that all of the components will function together in a safe and effective manner.

Peace Of Mind

The UL Logo can help give installers, contractors, electricians, architects, homeowners and business owners peace of mind. They know that the components have been tested as an entire system. 

Industry Awareness

Inspectors see the UL Listed labeling, and know they can rely on UL’s intensive testing regimen to confirm the roof edge ice melt system’s safe operation.

UL Accredited Ice Dam Prevention System

Knowing the importance of a UL Approval, it is important to check and determine if any system you are considering for your home has passed the safety and compliance testing. You can view HotEdge’s Ice Dam Prevention System’s certificate on the UL website or search for another product by browzing UL’s certification database.

It should be noted that a roof edge ice melt system is not UL Listed if it only lists heat cable and accessories. It must list the product that houses a UL Listed heat cable, such as HotEdge Rail, which is a roof edge ice melt system that prevents ice dams and icicles from forming on most roof edge structures, new or existing.

If you have any additional questions about UL accreditation, or why HotEdge is right for you, call (800) 411-3296 today to speak with an ice dam prevention specialist.


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