1. For all long as companies have been manufacturing and marketing roof ice melt systems, the market has had little choice but to accept (mostly out of desperation and urgency) systems without any assurances of safety and compliance or customer support services. Finally, a company understands the investment value of a home or business and has undergone the rigors of system testing requirements necessary to earn an UL certification, satisfy NEC standards, and the confidence to sign up with BBB; HotEdge, LLC.


2. From its inception, UL has determined the criteria required to make anything electrical safe around your home or business. One of the criteria is that a “system” is compliant with National Electrical Code (NEC) standards.   Specifically, NEC has a code addressing the application of heat cable on a roof structure.  The NEC (Article 426.1 B) states:  “The requirements of this article shall apply to electrically energized heating systems and the installation of these systems” that are “[e]xposed . . . on roofs and other structures.” Since it can be confusing and difficult to determine if a roof ice melt system satisfies NEC requirements, it is much easier to rely on an UL evaluation and testing process and simply look for an UL in a circle logo on a roof ice melt “system”.

3. Afterall, the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) logo is on most of the electrical products you use each day in your home and business for an important reason; to give the homeowner and/or business owner the peace of mind that one of their largest investments will not be destroyed by an unexpected fire as a result of unsafe electrical products and systems.

4. To receive an UL Certificate of Compliance is an important distinction for any product or system. The “UL” logo gives inspectors, installers, contractors, electricians, architects, homeowners, and building owner’s the peace of mind knowing that all the components have been thoroughly tested as an entire “system”.  Inspectors see the UL Listed labeling, and they know they can rely on UL’s intensive testing regimen to confirm the roof edge ice melt system’s safe operation.

5. Buyer beware; many companies that manufacture roof edge ice melt systems might appear but DO NOT offer UL Listed “systems”. Rather, they only offer a few UL Listed components that go with a system! The difference is significant. If the entire “system” is not UL Listed, there is no assurance that all of the components will operate together in a safe and effective manner.  To research whether a roof ice melt system you are interested is UL Listed as a “system”, visit the official UL website at  Scroll to bottom of the UL home page and click on “Online Certifications Directory”.   Type in Company Name only, i.e. HotEdge. If the company appears, be sure to look at what is listed.  All other companies that manufacture roof edge ice melt systems might appear but DO NOT offer UL Listed “systems”. Rather they only offer UL Listed components to go with a system!

Today, thanks to better product designs that allow for product to pass the rigors of a testing process through third party evaluations, consumers have more assurances when choosing a roof ice melt system.


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