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How HotEdge Can Help You Save In Energy Costs

How HotEdge Can Help You Save In Energy Costs | Ice Dam Prevention Energy CostsThe best designed roof ice melt systems should save you money on energy costs, and allow you to enjoy a roof without ice problems throughout the winter season. HotEdge understands that preventing ice dams and icicles from forming and extending the life of your existing roof is your top priority and the electrical charges required to operate a system should not have to interfere with a decision making process for the most value engineered system.

HotEdge’s patented designs are engineered and manufactured to keep your monthly electric bills at the lowest level possible on the market today.

HotEdge designs are able to offer the most energy efficient roof edge ice melt systems through the following design concepts:


  • Our Patented Angulated 3-Sided Design Open Raceway


Our technicians developed a 3-sided open design raceway that secures and compresses our commercial-grade, self-regulating heat trace cables directly to the roof surface.  An open design raceway is critical towards successfully completing an UL Approval process for safety and compliance. UL recognizes that heat trace cable on a roof structure must be partially visible for inspections, maintenance, and replacement.

As the cables heat up, snow falls on a heated surface.

Ice dams and icicles on your roof can be a thing of the past without causing your energy bills to skyrocket in the winter.


  • Less Cable, Better Conduction


HotEdge design allows for direct heat transfer. Direct heat transfer allows HotEdge systems to heat more roof surface with less heat cable installed. This translates towards lower maintenance and energy costs since there is less commercial grade self regulating heat trace cable on your roof. All other roof ice melt market alternatives rely on indirect heat transfer, hence, more heat trace cable and energy to power systems is required.

How does having less heat cable on a roof save energy?

It’s simple. The less cable that is needed to install a system, the less electrical power is required to charge the heat trace cables.  HotEdge engineered designs are able to heat your roof surface where problematic ice develops with less.   Lower energy costs because there is less heat trace cable to power from your electrical panel.   

You’ll save money on energy, and HotEdge roof ice melt systems cost less to install.   

Market alternative systems and concepts are simply outdated and inefficient.  HotEdge patented systems do not rely on indirect heat transfer or heating more metal than is necessary.  Systems that rely on indirect heat transfer and that use more metal than is necessary require more heat trace cable to power the systems.  With the patented HotEdge angulated three sided open raceway for direct heat transfer HotEdge is able to manufacture accredited roof ice melt systems using less metal.  And with less metal to transfer heat through, you’ll save money on the total installation and operation of the system.

Your roof will free of problematic ice build-up while keeping energy costs lower than other market alternatives.  For example, laying heat trace cable on a roof edge in a zigzag pattern, extruded aluminum metal tracks and silicon mat concepts.

Energy Cost Savings With HotEdge Roof Ice Melt Systems

HotEdge currently provides the design in roof ice melt systems on the market today, while savings homeowners and businesses the most on electrical bills to operate a system over all other market alternatives.  Call us today to learn more about HotEdge and how you can protect your roof for the winter! (800) 411-3296


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