Do Roof Ice Dams Expose Your Business to Liability?

Ice dams have become a massive problem in the winter months, not only for homeowners, but also for businesses and commercial properties. While snow can be a beautiful sight from your window, especially when you are in the warmth, it can also cause thousands of dollars in damage to your business, in more ways than one. That is why ice dam prevention has become so important in the US.


Ice dams form when snow gathers on your roof and melts with the warmer weather or when heat escapes from your property. The water runs down the roof and freezes again on the colder gutters and edges of the roof. As ice dams form, they act as a blockade that stops proper drainage, which causes the water to back up into your roof shingles. This is where the problems begin, as this causes leaks that will damage your ceilings, insulation and walls. In addition, it can even cause problems with electrics that can put your employees in danger and mean you business has to shut for repairs. If you can see icicles forming on the edges of your roof, this can be a sign that your business has developed ice dams. This will also be a hazard for passers-by and open up risks for accidents to occur that are associated with your premises.

A common question is, do roof ice dams expose your business to liability? The answer is always yes. Not only can ice dams damage your commercial property, but it can also increase the risk of accidents involving passers-by, visitors and employees. Blocks of ice and large icicles can fall from your roof and injure those walking underneath, as well as roof damage hurting employees inside the building. This is not something anyone wants to experience and if you are the business owner, it is you that is liable for it happening on your premises, even if it is an accident. This will open you up to costly and lengthy legal lawsuits that will cost you thousands of dollars in compensation, not to mention, potential damage to your reputation.

That is why ice dam prevention is crucial for any business, big or small. All commercial property owners wait until it is too late to tackle ice dams, meaning companies are called in last minute to clear roofs. This is only a temporary solution for ice dams and will mean that every time there is snow, they will have to come back. Not only does this waste your time and is inconvenient for your business, but it is also a costly procedure. Many business owners also believe that having good liability insurance will combat potential ice dam lawsuits. While this may be true, do you want to run this risk?

The best way to ensure ice dams never return to your business’s roof and expose you to liability is through roof ice melting systems that are currently available on the market. This method prevents ice dams from forming in the first place by preventing the snow water from re-freezing on your roof and creating a blockade for drainage. This is a permanent solution to the problem that is also efficient and cost-effective for your business. After all, nobody wants costly lawsuits associated with their company. Avoid it with this pre-emptive ice dam prevention technique.


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