Prevent Ice Dams with HotEdge & Save Thousands

The vast mountains and large valleys in the western areas of Montana affect the climate and weather for local residents. Snowfall has even been recorded during all months of the year in the mountains and especially affects the cities from November to March. Cities such as Missoula experience 38 days of snow a year at up to 37 inches deep, while Kalispell deals with up to 55 inches of snow.

With long and cold snowy winters in Montana, this also brings the danger of ice dams forming on your home’s roof with the potential to cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Ice dams are created when the heat from your home rises and melts the snow gathering on your roof. This causes it to run down and re-freeze on the cold eaves. With drainage blocked, the water backs up into your roof shingles, which causes roof leaks, damage to walls and floors in your home. This is a nightmare during the winter months.

Need Ice Dam Prevention For a Metal Roof?

Don’t worry; HotEdge has the answer to all your problems. Unlike other companies that offer you temporary removal of ice dams and reoccurring costs through raking or steam machines, HotEdge offers customers a permanent solution to your ice dam problems. Our modern systems prevent snow water from refreezing on your roof so ice dams cannot develop and cause damage to your home. As the leader in manufacturing accredited roof ice melt systems, our patented designs melt more surface area using less heating cables than any other option on the market. What’s more, this can save you 30% on your electrical bills. Whether you have an asphalt shingle, metal or synthetic slate roof, we have a HotEdge system for you that offers a permanent preventative tool against those pesky ice dams.

At HotEdge, our aim is to deliver effective, simply and low cost ice melting roof systems for all roof types. Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact Hot Edge today. We proudly service the western areas of Montana and by speaking to one of our professionals, you can find out the best way to prevent ice dams on your roof before winter. By a simple phone call today, you can save yourself thousands.