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7 Reasons To Stop Roof Ice Dams Before They Even Start

As winter approaches, everyone is wishing for a snow day. With white sheets of fresh snow and icicles hanging from houses, you may think your neighborhood looks like a winter wonderland. But, while snow can be nice to look at, it can also cause many expensive problems for your home. Hidden behind the icicles you can find ice dams. These big clumps of ice form when the sun or heating from your home causes the snow to melt and slide down your roof. As the lower portions of your roof are colder, the water refreezes and forms an ice dam that will continue to expand and cause damage. Read on to find out seven reasons why you should stop ice dams before they start.


Roof Leaks

As ice dams form on your roof, water gathers behind it and this can seep through cracks in your roof and leak into your attic. If you attic has been converted into a bedroom or is used for storage, leaks will cause enormous damage to the roof and your personal belongings and a professional will be needed immediately for repairs.

Water Stained Ceilings

You may only realise you have ice dam problems when it’s too late and you see discoloring and stains on your ceiling. This will require you to get professionals into your home sort out the problem. If the ice dam has caused damage beyond repair, part of your ceiling will have to be ripped out to prevent the moisture spreading.

Peeling Wall Paint

Damage caused by ice dams doesn’t just affect your ceilings; it can also cause irreparable damage to your walls. If you have moisture in your walls, the problem has existed for longer than you have realized, which means your paint can peel away and mold and mildew can form. Not only does this look bad, it will also cause issues for those with allergies and respiratory problems.

Gutter Damage

If ice dams go untreated, they expand and get bigger. This means that their weight on your roof increases, which will put pressure on your gutters as it spreads. As gutters are designed for water and not heavy snow or ice, as will become compacted and this will cause them to rip away from your roof. This will be another costly repair and can pose a danger to your family.

Insulation Damage

When water from an ice dam gets into your insulation, its not going to work as well as it used to. This creates a vicious circle where more heat escapes your home and will cause ice dams to expand and get worse.


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