Systems engineered and developed specifically for CONCRETE TILE roofs.

HotEdge is a leader in ice dam heat cables and melt products, and our products are designed for a wide variety of roofs, including Concrete Tile. If you are unsure which system is right for your home or business, call (800) 411-3296 today to speak with an ice dam prevention specialist.


HotTileLOK™ is a patent pending one-piece roof edge ice melt system engineered to lock onto all existing concrete tile roofs. A specially designed three sided angulated raceway protects and compresses up to three commercial grade self regulating heat trace cable in place for a direct heat transfer to achieve maximum melt. The benefit of a direct heat transfer is less heat trace cable is needed to prevent ice dam and icicles formations on all roof edges. Less heat trace cable meanslower energy costs to operate. ENERGY CALCULATOR.  PLEASE KNOW, WE ARE ABLE TO PREVENT ICE DAMS FROM FORMING USING A SINGLE HEAT TRACE CABLE ON 90% OF APPLICATIONS IN HIGH SNOW LOAD REGIONS BECAUSE OF DESIGN AND DIRECT HEAT TRANSFER! Easily installs around existing gutter systems. And since no modifications are required to existing roof structure, overall project costs remain a fraction of all other market alternatives. No penetrations to the roof deck. The open raceway design conforms to the NEC (National Electrical Code) Article 426 and provides access for insertion, inspection and replacement.   HotShingleLOK2X and 3X are engineered to hold two and three heat trace cables respectively for extreme applications when additional melt back from roof edge is needed.   HotShingleLOK2X and 3X designs are able to achieve maximum melt with less heat trace cable because the raceways that protect and compress heat trace cables are strategically separated.

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Accessory systems often needed to address other roof ice issues on all shingled roofs:


HotValley™ creates wide melt path for snow melt water to prevent ice dam formations.   It is recommended that HotValley be used in combination with any HotEdge roof edge ice melt system since it is always critical that snow melt water created by HotValley is not able to re-freeze on roof edges where icicles and ice dams can form.   HotValley is composed of a three sided metal track designed to protect and encapsulate one or two commercial-grade 12W self-regulating UL Approved deicing heat trace cables. It is designed for fast, simple installation in all roof valleys. The HotValley is attached to the valley with high quality commercial grade polyurethane adhesive, avoiding penetrations in this critical area. Taking advantage of direct heat transfer, thermal energy is conducted directly from the heat trace cable to the HotValley track and radiates outward from the track. The result is a wide melt path sufficient to prevent pooling and allow snowmelt water to reach the heated roof eave. The open raceway design conforms to the NEC (National Electrical Code) Article 426 and provides access for insertion, inspection and replacement.

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HotFlashing™ panels create an ice free zone where walls meet roof structures.  Taking advantage of direct heat transfer, HotFlashing creates a wide melt path that prevents snowmelt water from re-freezing on roof structure.  This strategic design can also be utilized to create wide melt paths for snow melt water in commercial gutters, parameters of dormers, around chimneys and prevent refreezing (icicles) on extended fascia regions.  The open raceway design conforms to the NEC (National Electrical Code) Article 426 and provides access for insertion, inspection and replacement.

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