HotShingle Photos

This photo shows a HotShingle installation. Again, HotShingle is installed on all new construction and new roof projects. The roof material installed here was asphalt composite shingle, however, the material could have been standing seam metal, corrugated metal, pro-panel metal, wood shake, cedar shingle, synthetic shingle (DeVinci), slate shingle, etc. The key is HotShingle easily installs on any roof edge if new construction or a new roof is being installed. It is NEC (Article 426) compliant since the heat trace cable is partially exposed for inspections, maintenance, and replacement! It heat a roofs edge on a continuous basis using a single heat trace cable as seen in this photo. This is a high snow load region and because all HotEdge designs rely on direct heat transfer, 90% of the time a HotEdge design will prevent ice dams and icicles from forming using a single cable! This is a fraction of the heat trace cable needed for other concepts which rely on indirect heat transfer.