How to prepare for a roof replacement

Ever since that family of sparrows moved into your roof, you’ve had a sneaking suspicion it was time to get a new one. The poor thing is expected to weather storm after storm. They can take a lot of hits, and they do a marvelous job of protecting you and your loved ones. While there are many tips you can use to take care of your roof, there is only so much you can do. Replacing the roof is a costly and inevitable procedure. Still, it is worth it. Money-wise, it increases the value of your house. In every other way, it makes life at home more functional and enjoyable. As with every costly, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous project, there are steps you can take to help make it as effective as possible. Here is how to prepare for a roof replacement.

A roof falling over the side of a building
Sometimes there are little signs one must heed that it’s time to replace the roof.

Think About the Little Ones

Kids may see the whole thing as a bit of an adventure. Pets won’t comprehend what is going on. Kids may inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way if they cannot properly understand why some parts of the house are suddenly off-limits. The simplest solution may be that they are not in the house until most of the major work has been taken care of. If not, try to keep pets indoors and inform kids about possible dangers and why they need to be a little bit more careful during the upcoming period. It’s debatable if you yourself should be home during the project, so think about your options.

Take Care of the Attic

Remember the attic? The space right beneath the area where all the work will be done. Heirlooms, things with incomprehensibly large sentimental value, and all valuables, in general, should be relocated to a lower floor where they will be safer. For the remainder, there will be dust and debris. Best cover them up until the work is done. After that, arm yourself with a hoover and clean everything up before the attic can resume its former function.

Old paintings stacked in the attic
Those look valuable and fragile. Best move them until the work is done.

Now Take Care of the Yard

How to prepare for a roof replacement? By preparing the yard. There are several steps you can take to achieve this:

  • Bye, bye car – Time to move the car from your favorite spot to a place a bit further down the road. Workers will be using the driveway the whole time, and you need to provide them with enough working space. Parking in the garage is also not a wise choice. Chances are that dust, debris, and even nails could end up accumulating on your vehicle.
  • Make space – Common sense dictates that roofers will be approaching the roof from different angles. This means they need the area around the house clear of potential obstacles. Furthermore, there will always be something falling down. Move all the furniture out of the way along with anything else lying around.
  • Mark everything – Sprinklers, particularly delicate and expensive plants, and trees, hidden water features. Make sure everyone is aware of what’s where and what may require special attention.
  • Give the neighbors a heads up, especially since stray shingles and debris could end up in their yard. Let them know of the impending loud noises and the need to protect their gardens too. Of course, you may want to formulate that with a bit more tact
Two chairs and a table on the patio
How to prepare for a roof replacement? Move all the patio furniture out of harm’s way.

What Hasn’t Been Taken Care of Yet?

The roof itself. Apart from a few magical reindeer during a very special time of year, we can find satellites and antennas on the rooftop. Call your provider and have them removed. Here’s a bit of good news as well. If it is an old satellite, for example, that’s not even working, most roofing companies will be able to get rid of it for you

Pruning and Trimming

Trim any branches that could get in the way of the construction work. As we mentioned before, the best thing you can do is give the professionals enough space to operate in. Likewise, mowing the lawn a day before starting is a good idea. Long grass can hide any debris, and it could be challenging to spot when it is time to tidy everything up. You can also cover any plants and grass with cloths to protect them until the work is done.

Wall Decorations

Vibrations are a tricky bunch. They can travel almost anywhere, through anything. This means that the invaluable family portrait hanging off the wall is not safe, even though it’s not in the attic. With all that work going on, anything that is not permanently secured will not be secure


We’ve already talked about the need to relocate a few things from the attic, and, in the previous passage, we mentioned taking a few things off the walls and shelves. A handy solution for all of this could be to rent a storage unit for the duration of the renovations. It is often difficult to find additional space for putting things away, but storage can save you the headache as you will know all your possessions are safe and secure

Final words

There it is, a nifty little guide on how to prepare for a roof replacement. These are all relatively simple steps you can take that will save you a lot of hassle once the job is done. By thinking ahead, you can stop any potential accidents from occurring. You can also help ensure that the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. By clearing the way for the professional roofers, you ensure there will be no hiccups. The only question could be how to find the right roofer for your project, but, as always, we’ve got you covered there too! Once the job has been done, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you have done something important, the benefits of which you will reap for many years to come!


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