Ice Dam Prevention in Connecticut

ice dam prevention

When you live in New England, one of the expectations is that you will encounter snow, ice, and other common conditions during the winter months. Residents take certain steps and precautions to prepare for the inevitably icy roads and chilly temperatures. This may include winterizing your vehicle to prevent it from being negatively affected by the winter weather.

Many, however, forget to consider the winterization of their homes, specifically the roof of their homes. In this case, it is important for residents and property owners to invest in ice dam prevention methods.

At HotEdge, we provide solutions designed to prevent ice dam damage on your home or business. Ice dams can be very destructive and dangerous, so it is essential that steps are taken to stop ice dam formation before they have a chance to wreak havoc. We are happy to discuss all of our solutions that can be used to prevent and remove ice dams.

What Are Ice Dams?

An ice dam is a large ridge of ice that forms at the edge of your roof, and it prevents melting snow from continuing to flow down the roof and through the gutter. Water freezes in the gutter or at the eave and begins to form a wall. The more the snow melts, the stronger the wall will be.

Eventually, a large ice dam can get so heavy that it breaks portions of the roof, gutters, or other areas of the roof. If the ice dams form and then fall to the ground, they can severely injure anyone who happens to be underneath them.

How Do Ice Dams Form?

As you travel around Connecticut during the colder months, you are very likely to see icicles hanging from the eaves of just about every home in the region. While icicles are a common characteristic associated with winter, they are also indicators that the melting snow from the roof is not flowing freely down to the ground.

Ice dams form when melted snow trickles down the roof until it reaches the colder ends of the roof. As warm air rises on the interior of the home (usually in the attic), it warms the roof deck in those regions. This melts the snow on the surface of the roof. The water runs down the roof, but the top layers of precipitation are usually not affected.

Once the water reaches the point of the roof which is no longer warmed by the interior heat loss, it will begin to refreeze. This re-frozen water builds up in the gutter and will form ice dams.

Why Is It Important to Prevent Ice Dams from Forming?

Ice dam prevention in Connecticut is critical for all homeowners and business owners throughout the area. All homeowners dread any kind of damage to the roof because they are aware of how much these roofing services will cost.

Whether it is new roof shingles or severe damage to portions of the roof, the expense can be great. Roof damage is often caused by ice dam problems, so removing ice dams is critical. The prevention of new ice dams in the roof eaves is even more essential, especially if you have already needed to have roof repairs done.

As the ice dams build up, the water eventually has no place to go, and it will find its way underneath the roof shingles. As this water leaks through the roof and into the interior of the home, the water can damage the attic insulation, attic floor, walls, and other areas to which the water can make its way. Ice dam issues are not exclusive to the exterior of your home.

Ice Dam Removal

If you already have ice dams on your home, it is important to remove them and the snow that is present on your roof. At HotEdge, we recommend using a roof rake to get the snow off of the roof. Under no circumstances should you ever get on a ladder and make your way onto the roof if there is snow present on the ground or the roof. It is just too dangerous.

If you do not have a roof rake, we advise that you contact a roofing company to steam the ice dam off the roof. It is critical to get immediate assistance with snow on the roof and the ice dams that are already forming.

Ice dams can cause far more damage than one might think, especially since icicles are everywhere during the colder months. Preventing ice dams, fixing poor attic ventilation, and air sealing the house will ensure that you keep your roof free of damage, lower your utility costs, and have peace of mind that your home is safe from roofing damage.

Contact Our Connecticut Ice Dam Prevention Experts

If you are a resident or property owner in Connecticut and you are looking for a solution for the ice dams which have been forming on your roof, contact HotEdge. We have ice dam prevention solutions designed for every type of roofing system including metal, wood, asphalt, and slate, and we are happy to discuss all of your options with you.

At HotEdge, we understand that the state of Connecticut usually has fairly mild winters overall, but the residents often encounter serious problems with ice dams on their roofs. With our ice dam options, you can rest assured that it will continue to work even through the toughest winters, and the technology used to design the prevention systems can melt the toughest ice dams.

Contact HotEdge today to discuss all of your options to prevent ice dams as well as to get a free quote for the system that best suits your home. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we are dedicated to helping as many customers as possible keep their roofs in tip-top shape.

If you have ice dams and need help removing them and preventing them from returning, contact HotEdge in Connecticut.


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