Should You be Home During the Roof Replacement?

When the time to do a roof replacement comes, every homeowner faces a serious question. Should you be home during the roof replacement? The temptation to stay is often substantial. You would be able to oversee what is happening to your home. You would not need to move out and deal with all the related expenses. However, that is laziness and hesitation speaking! Realistically speaking, there are compelling reasons to get out of your home and from the underway of your contractors. And they are far more beneficial for your family than staying would have been, too! So, let us take a look at them together.

You will not be able to do anything to help

Now, our first argument for not staying at home is simple. You would not be able to help in any way, shape, or form. Not even providing pure physical labor would be very helpful compared to its risks. You were likely never required to perform work on an unsteady surface well off the ground. And being able to repair a roof would demand such experience! Not to mention this is just the first of the reasons why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself. In short, for your physical well-being and safety, it is better not to get in the way.

You would potentially be saving money

Sounds like an odd thing to say, doesn’t it? However, if you pack and move out of your home during the roof replacement, even if you opt for expensive green packing solutions and eco-friendly methods of moving, you could still be turning a profit by undertaking the task. How? By moving out, you allow for maximum space utilization in your home. This means that it will be much easier to put all the equipment, materials, and other items required for your roof replacements there. Not to mention the knickknacks you had in your attic! You would not need to invest in a storage solution to have them all safely put away. Also, you can stay with family or a friend, and it would cost you nothing! Even if you do not, consider this: is it better to invest in storage? Or in a relaxing mini-vacation for you and your family? 

A family on vacation
A fun vacation is never a waste of funds!

It would be healthier to move out

Another compelling reason not to be home during roof replacement is the health benefits. What new homeowners need to know about their roofs and the process of repairing them is that it’s messy, hard work, much like most other renovation or remodeling projects are. And that is before we take into account that your home will be severely exposed to elements while the work is ongoing. Dealing with constant dust and irritants while also fighting against a potential chill or overheating not having your roof would cause is not easy. The chances of your family falling ill or developing allergies would increase significantly. 

Sneezing guy, a reason why you shouldn’t be home during the roof replacement
Living near a construction zone would be hell with dust allergies! 

It is safer for you and your family to move out

When deciding whether to be home during the roof replacement, you really need to take into account the danger of it. Yes, professionals will minimize the threat to themselves and your home. But can you guarantee that your kids will behave adequately when something interesting is going on in their home? All children are naturally curious, and most are drawn to any sort of renovation project, which is always dangerous! But doubly so when it comes to roofs. Even if they do not try to climb up to take a look, consider the less obvious dangers. They could hang around near the house. And when a tool or something else can come tumbling down from the roof, this is very dangerous. And such a possibility would not only be hazardous for a child! It’s always best to eliminate chances to get hurt.

Your workers would be more efficient

Roof replacement is always an exacting and sometimes slow process. Especially when talking about how to fix your roof in winter.  The safety concerns and the challenging work environment make contractors extra careful. And if they need to constantly be leery of getting you or your family hurt, they will naturally be forced to go slower. Do not forget that it is in your best interest to get work on your roof done quickly and efficiently! And, since you would not only be unable to help but also hinder the efforts of your roofing contractors, you should not have any real reason to stay.

Your family’s life would be less hindered

Finally, when considering if you should be home during the roof replacement, you want to think about how staying would impact your family. Beyond the health and safety concerns, of course. We have mentioned how messy the work can be. But not how loud, disruptive, and non-conducive to rest it gets. Constant hammering. The sound of people and machines in the background at all times. Early starts and late ends of a workday. Those are the traits of a roof replacement. Can you get enough rest if you are forced to hear banging all day long? Especially if it starts near dawn and ends only in the late evening. Would your kids be able to focus on homework and learning with such disruptions in the background? Consider how difficult it is to keep their attention even in tranquil environments. It would be near impossible a task.

 Kid doing homework
You want to minimize the disruption of your children’s routine.

Some more arguments against

So, should you be home during the roof replacement? You likely have enough reasons by now to answer the question with a firm ‘no.’ However, if you need more of them, consider this: The waiting period does not need to be dull. You can use the chance to reconnect with friends and family. Have a vacation. Visit places you had been planning to but never had the time! Staying out of your home during roof replacement can be whatever you make it.


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