7 reasons why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself

Sum up all your expenses, and you’ll soon see why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself.

At first glance, it might seem that fixing a roof is a simple project. You get your tools, buy the necessary supplies and get the job done over the weekend. Simple, right? Well, in actuality, roof repair is often complicated, dangerous, and arduous. And these are just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself.

Why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself

Now, more than ever, it is easy to find a reliable roofing company. All you need to do is hop online and look for roofers in your area. Once you do, you can easily sort through them and find the ones that seem most suitable. With this in mind, there is hardly a reason to attempt a DIY roof fix, no matter how trivial the issue appears. But, to help bring this point home, we will give you a couple of extra reasons why fixing your roof yourself is a bad idea.

You aren’t saving money

The main reason why people do consider a DIY roof repair is frugality. Namely, because they will do it on their own, they believe that they will save money. But, once you tally up all the expenses and the time and energy required to fix an issue, you’ll soon realize that this is far from true. In actuality, you are likely to spend more money on a DIY roof repair than if you hire professionals. Even simple repairs require tools and supplies that you likely don’t have. You are much better off investing in roof protection than buying supplies necessary for repair.


A person doing calculations

And even if you have them, you need to factor in the hours it will take to tackle the repair. While a professional can likely fix a minor issue within an afternoon, you will have to spend your whole weekend.

Roof warranty – void

Do you have a warranty for your roof shingles or your drainage system? Well, if you do attempt a DIY repair, you can pretty much consider them void. Even if your repairs had little to do with the warranted items, the manufactures won’t miss the opportunity to void you. So, even if you perfectly tackle your repairs, you are likely costing yourself a lot more in the long run.

You put your home insurance at risk

Another situation where you might regret fixing your roof on your own is when you have to deal with home insurance. Whether you have to prolong it, claim it or get it, the company that issues it will have a problem with you fixing your own roof. After all, a roof is an integral part of any home. And your tempering with it can put the entire structure at risk. Even if you perform a home inspection and know everything is up to standards, you still put your home insurance at risk.

A person holding a home insurance policy document.
Unless you fully understand your home insurance policy, and you know what you are doing, don’t try to fix your roof.

You can easily hurt yourself

There are few home repairs that are as dangerous as fixing your roof. If you are fixing wires, you can turn off your electricity. If you are fixing a plumbing issue, you can turn off your water. But, unfortunately, you cannot turn off gravity. One misstep and you can easily fall off your roof and seriously hurt yourself. This usually happens to people that have little experience with home repairs and don’t bother with necessary safety equipment. But, even with the utmost care, accidents happen. So, if you don’t feel like putting yourself at risk, don’t try to fix your roof on your own.

You may overlook structural issues

One of the most common mistakes people make is believing that they have a full understanding of what is wrong with their roof. They know that there is something wrong. They take one look and notice an issue. And they believe that by solely fixing that issue, everything will be alright. But, what usually happens is that they only fix the superficial problem, while the more underlying issues go unnoticed. These underlying problems soon become structural problems. And these can be much more expensive to fix than if they were caught in their infancy.

You can cause more harm than good

Beginners’ confidence is the common cause of roof issues. Namely, beginners who attempt DIY repairs watch a YouTube video or two and start believing that repairing a roof is relatively simple. But, once they try it, they soon realize that not only did they not fix the issue, but they’ve made it worse. What was originally a simple problem, now became a more complicated issue that will be more expensive to fix. So, try to consider your prior experience before you start fixing something complex.

A roof with a poorly repaired chimney, showing one reason why you shouldn't fix your roof yourself.
A poorly done repair can easily cause you more harm than good.

It won’t look as good

Let’s assume that you have the necessary skills, tools, and supplies to fix your roof. Even if you do the job correctly and your roof passes the inspection, it likely won’t look as pretty. After all, there is something that experience gives that you cannot learn through guides. And keep in mind that the roof of your home plays a significant role in how it looks. So, if you care about your curb appeal, try to avoid tackling a DIY repair. Instead, let professional roofers do what they do best.


By now, you should have a reasonably good idea of why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself. Doing so is not only expensive but can also be dangerous both for you and for your home. Even if you manage to pull off your repair, you will likely lose your home insurance and roof warranty. And even if you don’t, your home simply won’t look as good as when a professional handles it. So, do yourself a favor and let experienced roofers help you out.


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