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Why You Should Use Roof Ice Melt Products in Denver, CO

roof ice melt

When you see icicles hanging from the eaves of the homes throughout Denver, Colorado, you know that the winter season is definitely in full swing. There is probably inches of snow on the ground, the temperatures are regularly below freezing, and the kids are hoping that school will be canceled. Those icicles, though, could be signs that homeowners will have serious problems to deal with once the winter freeze has thawed and spring has rolled around.

Throughout the winter months, it is common for snow to accumulate on the roof, melt in the sun, and then refreeze when the temperatures go back down overnight. This cycle can have a negative effect on your home if the melted snow turns into ice dams and icicles.

Although you could try removing the snow and ice from your roof manually, there is no guarantee that an ice dam will not still form. What homeowners truly need for this situation is the best ice melt solution available. At HotEdge®, we have the roof ice melt systems you need to prevent ice dams from forming so that you can rest easy during the coldest months of the year.

What Are Ice Dams?

When you have an accumulation of snow on your roof, the warm air rising from the heat in your home (especially if there is poor insulation in the attic) will cause snow melts. The water then runs down a sloped roof until it reaches the gutter system over the eaves. In this space, there is no warm air from the attic, so only cold air affects the standing water. This water freezes again and blocks the path for more water to run down to the ground. This eventually builds up what is called an ice dam.

Ice dams form in areas that have not been treated with things like roof underlayment before the cold season or do not have roof ice melt systems in place which melt ice, preventing ice dams from forming at all. If you do not have roof ice melt solutions in place, you may end up on your roof (a very dangerous thing to do in the winter!!) spreading rock salt or clearing your roof of the snow in hopes of preventing ice dam issues on the roof eaves.

Why Is It Necessary to Prevent Ice Dams from Forming Using Ice Melts

There are a variety of reasons that using a roof ice melt system is beneficial and necessary. Ice melts are designed to keep the ice melting and prevent it from freezing no matter where the ice is on the roof. Without a roof ice melt system, ice dams occur and you may end up with serious damage in the spring caused by ice dam problems in the winter.

Some of the main reasons that we at HotEdge® feel it is necessary for homeowners to invest in a system for melting ice include:

  • Preventing asphalt shingles from being lifted by the re-frozen ice and allowing water the opportunity to seep into the interior of your home
  • Getting rid of the potential for air leaks from the roof
  • Stopping leaks from forming in the roof
  • Make sure the gutters, shingles, and underlayment remain intact
  • Ensuring the attic ceiling does not start to sag
  • Preventing warping in the floorboards which may be affected by excess moisture in the attic
  • Protecting people and pets passing by from being injured by falling icicles or ice

Removing ice dams that have already formed can be a tough job for any homeowner because of the inherent safety issues. However, it is necessary to make the attempt at eliminating them to prevent water and ice damage to your home.

As a homeowner, you could invest in some type of chemical de-icer that is sold in most hardware stores. Using a calcium chloride ice melt will usually get the job done – be sure to avoid rock salt and sodium chloride – but the fix is temporary.

If you want to avoid chemicals that may damage plants, you could invest in a snow rake to remove snow accumulation on the roof while you stand safely on the ground. You may have to do it repeatedly if the snow is continuing to fall and it may not work on the roof edges.

Finally, a long-term ice dam prevention solution is the installation of roof ice melt systems from HotEdge®. We are able to install a combination of different products depending on the type of roofing material was used on your home. Whether it is a metal roof or wood shake or anything in between, HotEdge® has the solution you need to stop ice damming. If you can prevent snow and ice build-up on your roof, you will not have to worry about roof leaks and other issues in the future.

At HotEdge®, our team of experts is here to help you decide which type of system is right for you. We know how the weather conditions can affect your home, including such notions as freeze-induced expansion and the relationship between attic ventilation and snow buildup, and we will guide you through the process of investing in ice melts.

Contact Our Roof Ice Melt Systems Experts in Denver, CO

If you are a resident of Denver, Colorado, who is tired of dealing with the negative effects of snow and ice accumulation on your roof, contact HotEdge®. We are the ONLY UL Listed solution on the market. Our team is here to explain how our roof ice melt systems work and why they are just the thing your metal roof needs.

There are a variety of different products that we can recommend for your specific situation, and they are all focused on eliminating the occurrences when ice builds up on your eaves and gable vents. To protect your attic space as well as the rest of your home (inside and out), contact the professionals at HotEdge® to learn more about ice melt systems and how they can help you.


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