Ice Dam Prevention in North Lake Tahoe, CA

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When you live in an area of the United States that annually gets winter weather such as freezing rain, snow, and frigid (below freezing) temperatures, you have very likely seen homes with long icicles having from the eaves and/or buildups of snow and ice on the gutters. Although icicles are a classic element in beautiful winter season images, the icicles and the ice dams which often accompany them are quite dangerous when it comes to the structure of your roof.

No matter what kind of roof you may have on your home, it is important that you take care of that roof and prevent any damage throughout the entire year. Any kind of damage to the roof could lead to leaks, holes, dampness, and mold in the exterior walls of the attic, or worse. This, in turn, raises your utility bills and requires you to enlist the professional services of a qualified roofer once the winter weather has subsided and the spring thaw has started.

At HotEdge, we provide solutions for homeowners and business owners that prevent ice dams from forming on their roofs and potentially causing damage or endangering those who may be passing underneath the eave. With our products professionally installed by our trained and certified technicians, you can rest assured that melting snow and ice is not able to refreeze in a continuous freezing/thawing cycle and causing ice dam problems. If you have snow melts that are leading to problems on your roof, contact HotEdge for a free quote on our products designed for preventing ice dams.

What Is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams form when the snow on your roof melts due to the warm air rising and warming the roof, runs down the roof, and refreezes near the edge or in the gutters. The reason that the snow is able to melt is that part of the roof warms to above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but the edge of the roof and gutters remain below freezing since no warm air from the attic or topmost part of the house reaches the eaves.

Once the snow melts from the warm air rising from the attic, then the water runs down the roof and lands on the cold edge. In this edge, it refreezes and builds up at the edge or in the gutters. As more and more layers of snowmelt reach the freezing edge, the ice dam grows higher and bigger. One method of preventing ice dams from forming is to check the insulation in your attic or add roof and soffit vents which will naturally cool the attic and roof together.

However, some roof types are difficult to vent so adding them can be a challenge. You could use a roof snow rake and manually remove the telescoping pole to scrape the snow from the roof so that it does not melt and refreeze, but that requires the homeowner to be out in the cold (be sure to avoid using ladders in icy conditions to prevent accidents!). The best way, though, of guaranteeing that no ice dams will form on your Lake Tahoe roof is by preventing the snowfall and ice from accumulating in the first place.

Why Is Ice Dam Prevention so Important?

Preventing the ice dams from forming so that you do not have to worry about ice dam removal or serious ice dam damage to your roof (which you will not be able to see until the spring rolls around) is essential for a homeowner’s peace of mind. Imagine sitting in your living room with your family enjoying a fire in the fireplace and sipping hot cocoa when all of a sudden you realize that you have not raked the roof today. In a panic, you get up on the roof to remove the already frozen snow, you lose your footing, and you fall off the roof. Spending the night in the emergency room is not exactly at the top of everyone’s to-do list.

To avoid this terrible scenario, investing in a simple method to prevent ice dams from forming is key. At HotEdge, our ice dam preventing products are designed to help you rest easy on those long winter nights knowing your roof is secure. They also ensure that you will not be surprised by unsightly and costly roof damage that will need to be repaired (or worse, a new roof installed) by a professional roofing company.

How Can You Prevent Ice Dams from Forming?

The easiest and most efficient way of preventing an ice dam from forming on your Lake Tahoe home is to invest in the prevention products from HotEdge. Our team will come to your house, evaluate your roof, and determine which ice melt products will best suit your needs. Our technicians will also discuss with you the ways in which these products work, why they are far better than other competing products or ice melt systems, and properly install them for you.

At HotEdge in Lake Tahoe, we have ice melt systems that are specially designed to fit a variety of different roofs, and our team is happy to show you all of your options. We can answer any and all questions you have about how they work and address any concerns you may have about air leakage, heat cables, and the reasons why only adding insulation is not going to solve your problem. With our systems, you will see your roof situation and utility bills instantly change.

Ice Dam Removal

Removing an ice dam can be very challenging, especially if the snow rake does not work because the snow has already frozen. If you already have a significant ice dam on the edge of your Lake Tahoe home, you may need to call in the expertise of a professional roofing company to use a power steamer. The steamer can safely and effectively get rid of the dam without causing any roofing damage.

Contact Our North Lake Tahoe, California, Experts to Discuss Ice Dam Prevention Products

If you are a residential or commercial property owner in Lake Tahoe and you are in need of effective products for removing ice dams from your homes or businesses, contact HotEdge. We have the products you need, the knowledge necessary to install them, and the expertise to make sure you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

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