The Dangers of Ice Dams in Denver, CO

ice dam prevention

Residents and business owners in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas are well-aware of the many issues that accompany winter weather. Things like piled snow, icy roads, and frozen pipes are all concerns that come back year after year once the cold weather conditions begin. Another issue that may occur is the formation of ice dams on your roof and the serious damage they can cause to the roof as well as the interior of your home or business.

At HotEdge®, we are the world leader in manufacturing roof ice melt systems and preventing the serious damage that ice dams can cause. Ice dam prevention is our highest priority because we know that they and icicles can be a very destructive force. If melting snow does not have a chance to refreeze on its way off of your roof, then there will be no way for ice dams to form.

The ice dam prevention systems we offer at HotEdge® keep the melted snow from refreezing and stop the potential for ice dam damage. We have systems for all varieties of roofing systems, including metal roofs, shingles, slate, wood shakes, and concrete. Contact our ice melt experts for more information on preventing ice dams from forming on your roof in Denver, Colorado.

What Is an Ice Dam?

If you have ever seen a home with a thick buildup of ice along the edge of the roof, that is considered an ice dam. Ice dams prevent melted snow slides and contain the water behind the ice walls. This may result in leaking roofs because of water seeping under the barrier between the roof and the attic’s exterior wall. The house can sustain serious heat loss as well as damage to the interior and exterior.

So, you might be wondering was causes ice damming on a roof. During the winter months, temperatures can rise dramatically from the early morning hours into the afternoon and then drop again by the evening.

With warm air coming in the afternoon, the snow and ice that has accumulated begin to melt. It should slide off the roof easily. However, the freezing temperatures by the later afternoon and evening cause the water to refreeze on the roof, especially in areas like the gutters and downspouts. This causes the ice dam to form, and ice dam problems soon follow.

What Are the Dangers of Ice Dams Forming?

There are a variety of dangers when it comes to ice dams, so it is important to invest in a system designed to remove ice dams or the potential for their formation.

Some of the dangers when ice builds up on the roof include:

  • Loosening of shingles or other roof materials leading to air leaks
  • Tearing off or breaking of gutters
  • Water melting and seeping through the roofing system causing damage to insulation, stained or sagging ceilings, warping of the attic floor, peeling paint, and mold growth
  • Growth of large icicles which can fall on individuals or animals passing by underneath

All of these potential dangers associated with the formation of ice dams can be easily avoided through ice dam prevention.

How to Prevent Ice Dams on Your Home or Business

When you are looking to prevent ice dams and further damage to your roof permanently, you will want to enlist the assistance of an expert in roofing and ice dam roof systems. Before your ice dam prevention system is installed, though, there are some temporary measures to take to prevent snow and ice from causing problems on your roof.

One of the easiest ways to keep snow and ice from turning into an ice dam is to get it off of your roof. If you have had a heavy snowfall, use a roof rake and remove as much snow as you can from the safety of the ground. Remember, it is dangerous to go up on a ladder in icy conditions.

Another temporary fix is to lay a pair of pantyhose (or other equivalent kinds of material) that you have filled with ice melt across an ice dam that has already formed on the gutters. This will help to melt the ice and create a channel for the water to run through.

The more permanent fix for an ice dam problem is to have an ice dam prevention system installed on your roof by a professional such as ours at HotEdge®. The trained professionals we employ can install our heat cables on a variety of different roofs, including metal roofs, wood shake roofs, asphalt shingles, concrete tile, and more.

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable technicians can discuss the type of roof you have, the ice dam problems you are encountering, and the best ice dam prevention system for your situation. Our goal is to ensure that your roof and the interior of your home are not damaged by the result of ice storms. We also want to help you prevent heat loss from damaged portions of the roof.

Contact Us to Ensure Your Snow Melts without Re-Freezing on Your Roof

If you are dealing with the destructive nature of ice dams on your Denver, Colorado, house, you may be in need of a specialist system designed to prevent ice dams from forming. At HotEdge®, we are the ONLY UL Listed solution on the market, our team can give you all the details on our roof heating systems and how they can benefit you and your family. We strive to ensure that water damage is stopped before it ever has a chance to start.

As a resident of Colorado, you know how much ice and snow we get during the cold winter months, and the risk involved with heavy snowfall and ice formation is not just slipping and falling. Your overhead protection could be compromised simply because the temperatures swing throughout the day. Do not let your house become a victim of ice dams and the damage they cause. Call HotEdge® to learn how to prevent damage from ice dams and to schedule an appointment with our technicians.


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