Roof Maintenance Tips for Each Season

Have you ever used or been told the phrase ‘As long as you are under my roof, you will listen to me? It makes sense; it’s the well-known wrangle of a parent trying to lay down the law. To be fair, it is already somewhat of an uphill struggle when dealing with kids, especially teenagers. It becomes a nigh-impossible task if the said roof is missing shingles and bats occupy the crawl spaces. Like the roof, the sentiment itself will appear flawed and full of holes. Unless you want a snarky retort, better fix what needs fixing to back up your words. You see, our poor roofs take a lot of punishment all year round. They give us a lot, and we need to care for them. Let’s have a look at some roof maintenance tips for each season.


A good starting point is autumn, also known as fall…you know, the time of year when leaves and other things fall to the ground? However, they don’t always hit the ground, do they? While summers tend to be reasonably peaceful, you need to be back to high alert once the colder weather starts rolling in.

Be Prepared

There is another reason we are starting with fall. The simple fact is that it precedes the winter. Now is the time to perform a thorough inspection. Anything that needs fixing is easier to repair now. Anything that is a minor problem now (read: cheap) will become a much bigger issue during the winter months if left unchecked. This does not refer to the top of the roof only. Have an expert visit the attic to check if interior roof maintenance is necessary. They can also check if everything is well ventilated and insulated to avoid problems with condensation. We often forget how vital attic insulation is until it’s too late! If you want to schedule a roof inspection only once a year, make sure it’s before the winter arrives.

Leaves and Gutters, Gutters and Leaves

The two are inseparable…which is a shame since the gutters were built with something else in mind altogether. Make sure you clean them out and while you’re at it, give the trees a good trim to save yourself from additional work down the line. It’s not just leaves that accumulate; branches and other debris can pile up, so giving those trees a much-needed ‘haircut’ is the right move. You can also splash out on some gutter guards; they can really help lower the workload.

Gutter guard with leaves on it
Roof maintenance tips for each season? Gutter guards are a good idea no matter what time of year it is!


This is the big one. Most emergency repairs happen during these three months, and that’s why it pays to be prepared and to stay vigilant.

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…Except, Maybe Not on My Roof!

Children love the tale of Santa Clause, but it would be a nightmare having reindeer hooves tearing up the shingles in real life! Most winter wonderland pictures show those white-tipped roofs, but the last thing you want is snow building upon them. A snowflake is indeed magical. Eight inches of snow is a disaster waiting to happen. That’s a lot of pressure resting on the only thing protecting you and your loved ones from the elements. It’s important to remember that snow adversely affects your roof in several ways. Get hold of a roof rake or call in the professionals, as you don’t want to be walking around on a slippery roof.

 Sooo...the snow situation here has gotten slightly out of hand, don't let this happen to you!
A house half-submerged under snow, and the roof cannot be seen

Ice Dams

These need to be removed the moment you notice them. Furthermore, someone who has the needed experience needs to remove ice dams, so it’s best to contact a contractor. Ice dams need to be melted, not removed using physical force, because doing so can result in further damage. And that can result in you calling the professional you had been avoiding calling in the first place! There are plenty of ways to keep your roof ice dams free, so make sure you’re ready.


Is the roof still there? Good, you made it through the snowstorm. Still, as you may expect, we will tell you that you still need to keep showing your roof the love and attention it deserves. Winters can be rough, so perform a new inspection. There will be some wear and tear, and you need to see how serious it is. Apart from that, there are a couple more steps you can take.

Something’s Growing…

…and it shouldn’t be! Unfortunately, Mold and algae are a common sight on rooftops and need to be dealt with. Following all that rain and snow, snow that has been melting, by the way, conditions are perfect for their appearance. Have it taken care of before they cause deeper problems than those of aesthetical nature.

Shingle Inspection

Strong winds, snowstorms, and everything else accompanying the winter months can damage your roof. Check for damaged and missing shingles and replace them. Furthermore, since you are up there, there will probably be some debris left from the storms, so be sure to remove it.


Finally, here comes the summer sun and an opportunity for you to relax. Well, you’re going to hate us, but we’ll use a famous catchphrase and say ‘not quite.’ Yes, there is less to do, but it doesn’t mean you can punch out until fall comes a-knocking again. Summer is also the time for moving house. Maybe you have already signed up for relocation with That’s all good and well, but that just means the new roof will need a checkup too. All the rules still apply. No getting out of it!

New House Pets

Check the roof for holes and dents. Animals that notice them will use them to crawl in and make a cozy little den for themselves. To stop this from happening, make sure to fix them or close them off on time.

Dragon on a roof at Universal Studios
Just a moment of negligence and you could have a Hungarian Horntail dragon living under your roof


Though a fantastic feature, if you have skylights, they can be a headache to deal with. Check they are properly sealed and there is no debris buildup behind them.

Old Roof, New Roof

Above, you have a good overview of roof maintenance tips for each season. Sometimes we spend many years looking after one house, but the time will inevitably come when it is time to move. Like with roof maintenance, where the help of the pros is more than welcome, the relocation process can be made much easier with the help of residential movers. They can help you organize and execute the move flawlessly, giving you that much-needed peace of mind. With their help, you can transfer your household items under a new roof, one that you will be able to maintain perfectly, just like you had the previous one!

As Long as You Have Food in Your Belly and a Roof Over Your Head

I think that’s how a part of a famous saying goes! It makes sense too. It may seem like a lot of work, but it just comes down to knowing what to do and scheduling when to do it. If you are responsible, you can avoid a lot of problems and hassle and enjoy the comfort of your home all year round. Above is a list of roof maintenance tips for each season which, if followed, will make sure your teenager can never get the last laugh!


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