The Best Way to Prevent Ice Dams

In snowy areas of the country, ice dams are a real problem. The worst thing is that you hardly notice they are there until they cause damage to your home. But one thing’s for sure, you certainly know you have them when the costly repairs come in and affect your bank balance!

Ice dams cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to properties every year. They form over your eaves and gutters when the snow melts from the top of your roof and runs down and refreezes. They are big chunks of ice that act as a dam, meaning that the water has nowhere to go and it cannot drain properly like it usually does. This means that over time it builds up and the water eventually moves back to your eaves, causing damaging to your roof and leaking through to the inside of your home. You can suffer from damp carpets, walls and rotting to say the least. That is the last thing you need during the winter!


Of course, all is not lost; you can prevent ice dams. But, since there are so many rumors floating around about how you can prevent ice dams, what ones actually work? Well, let’s investigate!


A lot of people look for quick fix solutions that are cheap to begin with to prevent ice dams. This includes the roof rakes and products you can buy from the store that swear they can melt away ice dams in minutes. While we aren’t saying they won’t work, what we are saying is that they don’t work long term. Do you really want to be up on your roof every day when there is a snow storm?


Then we turn to the companies that can come to your home and get rid of ice dams for you using machines. Again, this will definitely get rid of ice dams, but for how long? Not to mention, it is an expensive option for your home and the amount of reoccurring costs you will have during the winter will soon add up.


At this point, homeowners look for ways to prevent ice dams before they form by looking at why they are created in the first place. Usually, the snow melts due to heat escaping from your roof so this means that the focus shifts to the attic. This means adding insulation up there, as well as closing off any gaps in the drywall or vents. While this may help a little, it still won’t solve the problem once and for all.


What everyone wants is a permanent solution to prevent ice dams; something that is going to work in the long term and not cost too much money. So, what’s the answer? Well, it is all down to heat trace cable systems just like HotEdge. This heat trace cable system works by sitting on the edge of your roof and works to raise the temperature on the cold parts. This means that there is no surface for ice dams to form on. It is easy to maintain and low cost to purchase and install, which means it is the perfect solution.


Of course, the most important part is that this heat trace cable system works. By making sure that your roof is a consistent temperature, the ice that melts and runs down your roof will not be able to refreeze, which means that ice dams are prevented. All you have to do is switch them on and watch them work their magic. The running cost is even less that other heat trace cable systems too!


So, it is time to put a stop to other ice dam prevention tools; they simply do not work as well as HotEdge.


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