Products For Synthetic Roofs

Below are listed the primary products that are used on synthetic roof systems.

  • HotSheet
    The HotSheet™ Roof Ice Prevention System is designed to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming on roof edges. HotSheet is engineered for applications where aged shingles need to be trimmed, or where shake or composite roof shingles need to be removed.
  • HotEdge Rail
    The HotEdge™ Roof Edge Ice Melt System is the first and only UL Listed** roof edge ice melt system in the USA!* The HotEdge Roof Ice Prevention System prevents icicles and ice dams from forming on the edge of most roof structures.

Below are listed the optional products that are used on synthetic roof systems.

  • HotValley
    The HotValley™ Roof Ice Prevention System ceates melt pathways to prevent snowmelt from refreezing in roof valleys and to reduce snow loads when necessary. HotValley is designed for fast and easy installation in the valleys of either existing or new roofs.
  • HotFlashing
    The HotFlashing™ panel creates a much wider heated drain path that prevents ice melt water from re-freezing until it can be drained away from the structure’s foundation.
  • HotDrip Adaptor
    The The HotDrip” Adaptor is used to create a metal drip edge on roof structures that have a Metal Fascia Cap that serves as the front fascia. Once the metal drip edge is in place, the HotEdge” Rail System can be installed.

Product Selector

The HotEdge Product Selector is designed to help you to determine the combination of products(s) and accessories needed for a specific project on any type of roof structure since “no two roofs are exactly alike”.

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** UL Certificate of Compliance #E336195