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The prevention of excessive ice build-up is imperative to running a business located in medium and high snow load regions. These critical issues have potential to harm manufacturing processes, shutdown the operation of businesses and close public sidewalks and entryways. As reported frequently during the winter of 2013/14, the risk of falling ice on pedestrians and vehicles even resulted in injury, damage and sometimes death. Watch our ice melt systems video to learn more about how HotEdge can help you.

Our HotEdge products have been installed on 40-story buildings in large metropolitan areas, universities, schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada. HotEdge, LLC. has staff dedicated to support the commercial and industrial market with roof ice challenges.

We understand selecting the right combination of products and accessories is important in solving specific roof ice problems since no two roofs or commercial jobs are alike. For our commercial customers with non-standard roofing needs, HotEdge, LLC’s patent-pending products can be customized to meet and solve your ice dam and icicle problems reducing liabilities on any commercial or industrial application. All custom orders are fabricated in-house and to your project specifications.

Begin the process by selecting your roof type; shingle, metal or custom build.