Installation Instructions

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These handy reference guides are intended to provide installers with information on how to properly install our products. Find the appropriate PDF behind every link. Also, please use the videos as an extra guide to your installation. They will play automatically on YouTube.

  1. HotDrip® Adaptor Installation Instructions
  2. HotEdgeRail®Installation Instructions
  3. HotEdgeRail® Installation Video
  4. HotFlashing® Installation Instructions
  5. HotSeam® Installation Instructions
  6. HotSeam® Installation Video
  7. HotSheet Installation Instructions
  8. HotShingleLOK® Installation Instructions
  9. HotShingleLOK® Installation Video
  10. HotShingleLOK® Extension Instructions
  11. HotValley® Installation Instructions
  12. Rain/Snow Sensor Installation Manual
  13. Power Connection Kit Installation Video
  14. Thermostat Control Sensor Installation Video

Accessory Instructions


ASE-DS-8C & DS-9C, recommended settings for HotEdge systems operations.


The ASE-CDP-2 is recommend for system monitoring and manual operation.



These settings are only recommendations. Consult with your HotEdge representative for customized settings.