Ice Dam Removal in California

ice dam prevention

Throughout the cold winter months, the common image is to see rooftops covered with snow accumulation and lots of icicles hanging from the eaves. Even in sunny California, homeowners and business owners will likely experience snowstorms, ice accumulation, and freezing temperatures.

That means the roofs of homes and businesses need to be protected from the potential formation of ice dams and the concerns they present when it comes to roof damage as well as hazards to anyone passing underneath the icicles.

Due to these possible hazards, it is important to remove ice dams that have already formed and to prevent ice dams from forming before the winter season arrives. At HotEdge, our specialists are well-aware of all of the dangers presented by existing ice dams and why it is critical to prevent an ice dam problem before it starts.

What Is an Ice Dam?

To begin, let us define what an ice dam is before we discuss the ways to prevent them and the importance of removing ice dams if they do form. An ice dam is an accumulation of large bands of ice along the roof edge and within the gutters. Ice dams are very common but removing ice dams fast can be difficult without the proper equipment and knowledge.

At HotEdge, we strive to eliminate ice dams and prevent ice dam formation on as many California roofs as possible. Ice dam damage can be devastating for a homeowner, and it may not only be limited to the roof’s surface. It can affect the gutters, exterior walls, and even the interior of your home.

How Do Ice Dams Form?

Roof ice dams are formed when the snow melts on the roof due to the rising warm air leaks present in the attic. As the warm air rises, it heats up the surface of the roof deck and melts the accumulated snow. As that snow streams down the roof, it will eventually reach a part of the roof which is not warmed. At this point, it begins to refreeze, and accumulate in the gutter.

Over time, the re-frozen water will build up – usually in the gutter – and that is how an ice dam forms. Eventually, the existing ice dam gets larger and larger until the gutter can no longer hold the weight. If that happens, it ice dam may fall, along with the gutter and part of the roof.

Why Is It Important to Prevent Ice Dams from Forming

Preventing ice dams is a critical step in making sure that your home’s roof remains intact throughout the winter season and you are not presented with a major roof repair bill when the spring thaw occurs. When you employ an ice melt system such as those we offer at HotEdge, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about a surprise roof repair or replacement.

Ice dam prevention is far more beneficial to homeowners than ice dam removal because getting rid of ice dams can be dangerous. No matter what methods you use to get rid of ice dams on your roof, it will be a tricky and hazardous process that only a trained professional should attempt.

If you have an ice dam preventing system, you will not have to concern yourself with these potentially dangerous situations. Contact HotEdge to learn about all of our systems designed to melt ice dams before they have a chance to form and become dangerous.

Dangers Associated with Ice Dam Formations

When the winter season has arrived, it is very common for households to run their furnaces. Many times, that warm air will rise to the attic, and if the attic insulation is not sufficient enough, the heat will make a warm roof. As the snow which has accumulated melts and slides down the roof, it often gets trapped and re-frozen in the gutter with the cold air. This will create ice dams.

Ice dams are extremely heavy if they are left unchecked and continue to build. That means the weight of the ice dam will be on the gutter, and no gutters are designed to hold very much weight. Without proper ice dam removal, the gutter may eventually begin to crack, break, and fall under the weight.

Your broken gutter will need to be fixed or replaced once the spring thaw arrives. Additionally, we need to remember that the falling ice dam will land somewhere. Hopefully, there is no one standing below the gutter when it falls. In addition to the gutter damage, your roof’s shingles may also get damaged from the freezing and thawing ice, and you may end up with water streaming into the interior of your home.

Benefits of the HotEdge Ice Dam Prevention Systems

At HotEdge, our ice dam removal systems are actually designed to prevent the dams from forming in the first place. With heat cables installed properly by our professionals (or even your trusted handyman), you can rest assured that your roof will not run the risk of damage.

Homeowners who attempt to remove ice dams on their own also run a risk of becoming seriously injured. Ice dam removal is a tough job, so you should rely on ice dam removal experts rather than trying a DIY removal. If you have one of our HotEdge systems installed, though, you do not have to worry about the dangers of removing an ice dam because they will not form in the first place.

Contact Our Ice Dam Prevention Experts

If your roof is prone to heavy snowfall and icicle formation, HotEdge has the solutions you need. Our systems will work on any type of sloped roof, and they are simple and easy to install. They are relatively low cost, especially compared to silicon heat mats or aluminum extruded tracks, and are easy to maintain or replace if needed. Best of all, they are UL listed and quite effective.

Call our ice dam removal experts today to learn more about our systems and to find out if your roof is a good candidate for our ice melt system.


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