5 Signs you have an Ice Dam Forming on your Roof

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Winter, a season of utter cold and a lot of snow. It is the time of the year which makes you wish to stay at home. The amount of snowfall gets as high as not being able to drive. And walking is not preferred either. You are forced to shove the ice that has formed on your doorway. You can always clean your car or doorway. But what about the roof?

I am sure you have seen the amount of ice on your roof. Imagine the tension you feel when stepping out. Saying to yourself “should I be concerned?”

You will check your neighbor’s roof to see if it’s similar to yours. Your roof may have a large pile of snow compared to others.

If you’re experiencing heavy snowfall, there is a higher chance of an ice dam being formed. Ice dams are formed when the ice at the peak of the roof starts melting and freezes again at the edge of the roof.

The ice at the top melts because of the heat from the inside. Most roof types are slanted so this causes the melted ice to accumulate at the edge and block the gutter.

There are technical ways to prevent ice dams. But what if you haven’t done any prevention? How can you know if there is an ice dam on your roof?

You can check these 5 signs that can give you a hint of an ice dam on your roof.

Water stain on your ceiling

The volume of snow accumulated at the edge of the roof increases. When this happens, the gutter gets blocked by the snow. If the gutter is clogged, the ice will melt from the heat that comes through the attic. The heat reaches the snow on the roof due to a poorly insulated attic. Water will seep under the roof. The water runs directly into the walls and ceiling.

You may feel moisture when touching the walls. Ceilings will start showing water stains. The problem with this is it will not stop unless the problem has been fixed temporarily or permanently.

Making sure to clean the roof with a roof rake would be a temporary solution.

If you have any questions or concerns about ice dams, preventing ice dams, or ice dam formation, remember that our team at Hot Edge is here for you. We understand the issues with ice dams and make sure to help our local community of homeowners in preventing ice dams.

Heavy pile of snow on your roof surface

There will always be a pile of snow if it’s winter. But if the pile is larger at the edges, you may need to check. The pile of snow will not be uniform throughout your roof. It may appear lighter at the top and heavier at the edge.

You notice a difference in the level of ice on your roof. You know your attic doesn’t have proper insulating properties. Then you should definitely check for an ice dam.

Cleaning by yourself isn’t usually advised. When you encounter this kind of problem, calling a professional is better.

Icicles behind the gutters and change of color

Water melts and runs along the slanted roof. By the time the water reaches the gutter, there is no heat from inside. It turns the water to ice when it’s about to drip.

This will be visible on the sides where the ice dam is present. When icicles are formed behind gutters, it means water is seeping in between the Eaves and Gutter. Icicles are formed in between the Eaves and the gutter. A gap is created. The bigger the gap, the more Icicles form.

Icicles may have different colors. And if icicles start having colors, it is not a pleasant sign.

The yellow color means the ice has touched rust. The brown color indicates that it might have leaked into the roof.

Ice is visible on exterior walls

Once the trapped water manages to go into the walls and behind the gutter, it is highly likely for it to appear on exterior walls.

Due to the blocked gutter, the water is forced to go back through the roof shingles. This will cause the water to drain along the exterior walls.

This shows that an ice dam is overly accumulated at the edge. And it is going through every crack.

The biggest disadvantage here is that the walls are getting wet from the inside and covered in ice on the outside.

The internal heat of the house will accelerate the accumulation of water inside the walls and ceilings.

Fixing this as soon as possible is a no-brainer.

Our team at HotEdge is interested in removing ice dams and melting snow in the right manner. If you need assistance with your existing ice dams or need help to remove ice dams, our team at Hot Edge is here for you. We understand the severity of ice dam problem situations and the issues of ice dam damage.

Ice becomes visible around your window frame

The ice has melted and penetrated through the walls and ceiling. Water may start dripping from the ceiling, floors will get wet, Walls will hold moisture, and water can come out from any opening around the roof.

One of the openings is around the windows. It has penetrated through the walls and It will be visible around the window frames. Because window frames are directly connected to the walls.

Icicles will show up around the frames of the windows.

It’s winter, you will spend most of your time at home. If your ceiling is stained, your floor is wet, your paint starts peeling, and mold starts forming. You will pay anything to get it fixed!

If you see Ice Accumulates on Your Property, Reach Out to Hot Edge Today

But why would you pay for the whole damage caused by significant ice dams? You can prevent this by seeking professional help when you see early signs.

Removing an ice dam is not cheap or easy. But why would you wait for it until you can’t sit in your house?

The cost for removal gets higher when you don’t take care of it early. When you notice signs, take care of them immediately.

Our team at HotEdge can tell you how the warm air mixes in the ice dams and how it can affect your attic space and your overall property. If you are looking for assistance when an ice dam occurs, remember that our team at Hot Edge will be here to conduct ice dam removal and provide solutions when an ice dam forms.

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