Ice Dam Prevention in Washington

ice dam

Ice dams form due to a comprehensive process that pertains to the temperatures in your interior and exterior. That is to say that variances in temperature within your home and how it interacts with the outside air can induce ice dam formation.

This is a problem because whether you have existing ice dams or you are seeing ice dams forming on your property, it can spell a heap of trouble.

It can damage your exterior walls, roof, and other areas. While you may have already looked into effective attic insulation, it is best to look at preventing ice dams with direct solutions like snow melts.

Our team at Hot Edge knows that removing ice dams is an issue and that it is best to melt ice dams so that ice dam damage on your roof surface is not a concern.

The Best Ice Dam Prevention method doesn’t need frequent checks

Ice dams become an issue for homeowners when the winter season is near. You may experience severe winter and heavy snowfall. The temperature decrease is not the only concern.

Ice dams have their consequences. Cleaning an ice dam is not an easy task. You may choose to do it yourself. But it will cause damage to your house both internally and externally.

Experiencing internal leaks through your ceiling and walls due to ice dams is common. And the amount of damage and the repair cost is just not easy to handle. Imagine trying to repair a damaged house in the middle of winter.

Most homeowners try to shove down the ice dam formed on their roof. This has more risk. You will damage the gutter and yourself when trying to remove the ice dam.

You can avoid the hassle caused by ice dams before it occurs. Why stress when there is a way to prevent ice dams from forming?

Prevention and removal of ice dams should always be done by a professional. A professional at Hot Edge can identify the strength and structure of your roof. This helps them choose the type of ice dam removal or prevention method suitable for your roof.

Ice dam prevention methods are not the same for every house. The most common ice dam prevention methods are:

  • Install electric heat cables
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Ice Melt solutions

You can use these methods to prevent an ice dam from forming. And you should consult a professional before choosing a prevention method. Our team at Hot Edge provides solutions that are successful in melting snow and minimizing ice dam problems.


What does this service include? 

We focus on ice dam prevention with melt products.

Our ice melt systems focus on simple installation for new and existing roofs.

This may concern you. What if my house’s roof type is not suitable to melt ice?

We provide our melt solutions for roof types such as:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Slate Roofs (Synthetic or Natural)
  • Wood Shake Roof
  • Concrete Tile Roof
  • Flat (EPDM) Roof


You can benefit from our services regardless of your roof type. Depending on your roof type you can use the ice melting prevention method.

Our goal is to be efficient with our products and to melt more ice blocks or formations on your roof.

If you have questions or concerns about an existing ice dam or preventing them in the future, reach out to our team at Hot Edge today.

3 Benefits of using ice dam prevention methods

Having a prevention method is such a relief to homeowners. Let’s list down 3 major benefits of ice dam prevention.

  1. Enjoy a comfortable home
  2. Prevent water damage
  3. Avoid mold growth

Enjoy a comfortable home

This just speaks for itself. The level of concern when you know there is an ice dam on your roof is stressful. You don’t feel safe in your own home.

You will always be trying to notice signs.

Following a prevention method will get rid of your stress. You can enjoy the warmth in your home without thinking about your roof or gutter.

Prevent water damage

Water damage or leak is a major headache when it comes to ice dams. It can ruin your walls, ceiling, furniture, and electric cables. In severe cases, it will not be safe for you to stay in your house.

The repair cost for water damage is even worse.

You can prevent repair costs and water damage by simply applying an ice dam prevention method.

Avoid mold growth

Mold growth, the aftermath of water damage. Not only does it increase the repair cost, but it also threatens your health.

Molds can give an unpleasant smell to your house.

Prevention is way better than trying to fix it in the end. The longer the problem stays, the bigger the damage.

What’s unique about the prevention method?

Your roof type shouldn’t be a concern!

You can stop ice dams from forming at all. You don’t want to call a professional every time an ice dam is formed. And you don’t want to do it yourself either.

Prevention is the best way to avoid ice dam concerns. You can experience our ice melting prevention method today.

Our ice melt systems are comprehensive and simple. We can install these systems for your new roof and existing roof.

We have different various solutions that can meet your melt needs.

We get rid of potential ice dams from your roof by using our melt products. These products are composed of substances that can melt ice.

When should I try the ice dam melting prevention method?

Before trying it out, consult a professional. By now, you may have tried roof raking. That process is so tiring. Even if you do it once, it will be hard to keep up.

If you live in an old house, trying different methods doesn’t feel safe. Old roofs can’t resist various trials and errors.

But you have to survive through the winter, right? We can install our simplistic ice-melting products for your new and old roofs.

You can contact us through our website to benefit from our services. Learn more about our prevention solutions and how they can make a difference in your life today.


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