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Ice Dam Prevention in Idaho

Ice melt metal

From flooding to frozen pipes, winter presents a variety of surprises to house owners. One of such surprises is ice damming. Melted snow is frequently prevented from sliding off your roof when ice damming occurs.

Ice dams are thick ice ridges that form along the roof’s edge. It is important to have an ice dam removed as soon as you discover an ice accumulation on your roof. Taking immediate action will help your roof get back to normal sooner than later.

It’s tempting to clear ice jams from your roof yourself; it appears cheaper and easy until you get around to doing it. Your best bet, however, is to hire trained experts.

If you have been battling ice dams, our team at Hot Edge is here for you.

We understand that your existing ice dams can be quite frustrating and that is why we are here to help you with preventing ice dams. If you have issues with ice dam formation and need ice dam prevention, reach out to Hot Edge and see how our snow melts prevent ice dams today.

How Ice Dams are Formed

Ice dams arise when the temperature of the interior and exterior of the roof surface varies. This variation in roof temperature occurs due to the interaction between heat loss from a house, snow cover, and general outdoor temperatures.

Ice dams form when there is snow on the roof, and the temperature outside the roof is above the freezing point while the temperature inside the roof is below freezing point. Snow is bound to fall on various roof surfaces. When the temperature variation exists; however, the snow becomes trapped and begins to dissolve.

As dissolved snow trickles down the roof, it freezes when it reaches the part of the roof that is below the freezing point. This is what causes an ice dam.

The ice dam will develop as the melting snow continues to trickle down. The ice dam will only grow on the parts of the roof that are below freezing point. As a result, the water above the ice dam increases.
Our team at Hot Edge provides a slew of innovative solutions so that you can mitigate ice dam problems.


Effects of Ice dams

Not only do ice dams become an eyesore, but they can also become threats to your health and the building structure, which may have devastating consequences.

The implications of ice dams include:



  1. Health risk

Health is a human priority as wellness can not be traded for anything else. Trapped ice can become a breeding ground for various contaminants. It can result in the following:

  • mold growth
  • contaminated surfaces
  • foul smell
  1. Structural damages 

Over time, an ice dam will affect the integrity of a building structure. The wear and year may be a gradual process, but its effects are far-reaching. It can affect the building structure in the following ways:

  • torn-off gutters,
  • loose shingles,
  • sagging ceilings
  • warped floors
  • peeling paint

Permanent Professional Ice Dam Fixing

In theory, getting rid of ice dams for good is simple; all a homeowner has to do is ensure a constant the roof’s temperature is maintained. This can be achieved by a professional.

Here is how ice damming professional will help you fix this problem in more detail.

  1. Ventilate eaves and bridges

They will ensure the eaves and ridge are well ventilated to ensure proper air circulation through the roof. This will be done through a ridge vent and continuous soffit vents.

The apertures in both the ridge and soffit vents will have the same size, with at least one square foot of opening for a unit of the attic floor. They will install baffles at the eaves to free the airflow from the soffit vents.

  1. Seal the Hatch

An open attic hatch or a whole-house fan allows a lot of heat to escape. Weather stripped caps constructed of foil-faced foam board held together with aluminum tape will be used to cover them. This way, heat will be preserved in the system.

  1. Seal and Insulate Ducts

A professional will apply fiber-reinforced mastic to the joints of the HVAC and exhaust ducts. Appropriate foil-faced fiberglass will be used to cover them completely.

  1. Insulate the Attic

More attic floor insulation traps the heat in the attic. Professional ice damming experts will determine how much insulation your attic needs and ensure it is accurately insulated.


  1. Create Exhaust Flow

They will ensure that the ducts connecting the kitchen, bathroom, and dryer vents all lead outdoors via the roof or walls, not the soffit. A proper connection will help maintain the roof’s interior and exterior temperature.

  1. Add Sealed Can Lights

Recessed lights emit large plumes of heat. Insulating recessed lights will pose a fire threat. A professional will replace them with sealed “IC” fittings that are easily insulated.


  1. Caulk Electrical Cables

Ice damming experts use a fire-stop sealant to caulk around electrical cables and vent pipes. These experts will examine all heated areas or where dirt is from and fix it. Tracking the problem spot means a once for all repair.


We help to prevent ice dams forming by using our ice melt systems that help homeowners to stay from ice dam damage. Our comprehensive array of solutions have been deployed on various properties and they have been helpful in keeping these properties up to par.

If you are looking for snow removal to minimize the presence of an ice dam, reach out to our team at Hot Edge today.

We understand that it is better to avoid and prevent ice dams with the right products than to have to conduct the process of removing ice dams.

Need Ice Dam Removal? Call Hot Edge Today

Our team at Hot Edge has extensive experience in dealing with ice dam removal with our

Please immediately contact our team at Hot Edge if you have any questions or issues. Our team of ice dam prevention professionals can be present to ensure that your property is protected.

We can handle ice damming removal services on asphalt shingle, metal, slate, wood shake, concrete tile, and flat roofs. Whatever your roof type, let’s help you restore it and secure it against other winter seasons. We are only a call away. Reach out to us today!


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