Do You Get a Lot of Snow Every Winter? Save on Energy Costs with UL Ice Melt Systems

UL ice melt systems on your roof

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But winter has its negatives too, especially if you’re a homeowner. The chances are, if you’ve had ice dams and problems with icicles, they’re going to come back. Unfortunately, they’re not normally one-time problems; they’re recurring ones. You’ll know how expensive they can be. At HotEdge, we’re going to show you how to stop the problems and save money at the same time.

Ice Melt Systems Can Save You Money 


ice melt systems save money

Picture this; you’re coming home from work and it starts snowing. This isn’t good news as your home is prone to roof problems caused by ice dams during the colder months of the year. You spend a fortune every winter trying to deal with the issues. You remove icicles from your roof and even use snow melting products and professional services to get rid of ice. But ice dams just keep coming back in the snowy climate. It’s costing you a fortune.

So, how can you save money? Well, it all starts by preventing ice dams from forming rather than dealing with them when they appear. We’re talking about investing in a roof ice melt system. This is going to heat up the vulnerable parts of your roof, meaning you don’t have damages to pay for or products and services to buy every year.

How Can Less Heat Cables Save You Money? 


heating cables ice dam

A lot of homeowners are concerned with the cost of roof ice melt systems. Indeed, some can have many heat cables and this can take a lot of energy to run. In other words, you’re going to notice this on your energy bills. Since roof ice melt systems are most effective when they’re left to work by themselves during the winter, you want a system with fewer heat cables. When it’s designed correctly, it can still keep ice dams off your roof and it’s going to save you money when it comes to your energy bills.

Save Energy Costs with HotEdge Ice Melt 


hotedge ice dam prevention


So, this is where the HotEdge Roof Ice Melt Systems come in. Introducing our fantastic system that’s the first and only roof edge panel system to pass UL standards. It’s designed using 70 percent fewer heat trace cables to heat more of your roof surface but still saving you money. So, you can say goodbye to ice dams and hello to lower bills!

Interested in saving on future energy bills? Contact our specialists today to find out more!


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