Roof Ice Damage–The Effects are Quick so Don’t Delay.

Ice and snow can cause considerable damage to your roof, and if left unattended can lead to significant issues inside and outside your home and outside your home. In areas where snow and ice are present during winter months, damage to your roof can happen quickly. Installing a roof ice melt system from HotEdge can prevent hazardous ice from forming on […]

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As Temperatures Rise, so do Issues Caused by Ice Dams

Freeze and Thaw Cycles are the perfect recipe for creating Ice Hazardous Dams on your roof. Spring has finally arrived! No need to worry about ice accumulating on your roof and causing damage anymore this year, right? Wrong! As temperatures rise and thaw cycles are followed by freeze cycles. This typical Springtime condition helps build […]

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Water Damage from Ice Dams – How to Clean Up

An ice dam is a small wall of ice that forms at the roof edge in certain winter conditions. When the warmth of a home or building escapes through the ceiling, snow pack melts the snow melt water trickles down to the roof eave and freezes. Gradually growing into a wall of ice. The pooled […]

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