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HotEdge Mission Statement:  Manufacture Accredited Roof Ice Melt Systems To Heat More Roof With Less Heat Trace Cable…Any Roof…Any Location

HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System & Ice Dam Prevention

Learn what you need to know about Roof Ice Melt Products and how HotEdge Systems lead the industry in Ice Dam Prevention. Roof ice problems not only cause a major headache during the winter months, but can be costly and devastating for homeowners. To learn how our products work, and which is right for your home, and why.

Green Products:

HotEdge roof ice melt systems offer up to 50% energy savings* over all other roof edge ice prevention systems available.

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Advantages of a HotEdge System are:

  1. Heat More With Less

  2. UL Approved

  3. Complies with Article 426 of NEC.

  4. Patented Three-Sided Raceway

  5. Exposed Heat Trace Cable

  6. Low Cost

GEt More Save More

The Facts on Roof Ice Melt Systems and Why HotEdge is the Smarter Choice.


More about us

What we do

HotEdge, Inc. is the industry leader in providing innovative, patented roof ice melt solutions that prevent destructive icicles and ice dams from forming on the roofs of commercial and residential properties. Our energy efficient, low cost products hold the only certificate for a UL listing.

Why we do it

In 2008, HotEdge recognized the need for a low cost, simple and effective roof ice melt system to help prevent property damage. Existing concepts were either prohibitively expensive to install and operate or were unable to heat a roof edge on a continuous basis, i.e. heat cable laid on a roof edge in a zig-zap pattern.

Where we do it

Our ice melt systems have and continue to experience rapid expansion in all medium and high snow load regions across the United States and Canada.



  • HOTEDGE Jane R It didn't take long for the Hot Edge to clear the edge of the roof.  Do I think it is worthwhile?  Certainly!   [Jane R. Gunnison, CO]

  •  " The Hot Edge system, it is one of the best products I have ever found and works as advertised.  It was easy to install and out performs the previous deicing systems I had installed from Home Depot.  I decided the money I spent on the previous systems was wasted.  Your product is well thought out as to its purpose and how it functions.  It has been able to keep the ice dams from building.  I have recommend it to other cabin owners in the area because it works great."   [Rod S. Park City, UT]
  •  "My first experience as an installer of your systems was very positive!  It was easy to install and more importantly my customer is, so far, very satisfied with the performance.  No ice dams or icicles as experienced in the past.  I look forward to recommending your systems to all my customers.  Thank you."  [Mike K. Wyoming, MI]
  •  "We are very happy with our systems.  Yes, we discovered some ice dam activity in an area not covered by our first HotEdge installation, so we installed a second, separate system.  Both systems are working well and we have no further ice dam problems despite record snowfalls here in Montana.The cost of operating the two systems appears to be negligible as well - on the order of 12 - 15 dollars per month.  We do not operate the systems when the temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit or when there is no snow in the vicinity of the installed systems.Thanks for a great product." [Don M. Seeley Lake, MT]
  •  "I have been very pleased with the HotEdge product, does exactly as advertised. Thanks!"  [Steve W. Vernal, UT]
  • "We are very happy with our HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System. It is keeping the roof edge clear of ice just as advertised. It’s doing what we want it to do."  [Dave B. New York, NY]

*Energy savings is based on the wattage and number of feet of heat cable used in the roof edge ice melt system.