Why Do Icicles Always Form on My Roof?

roof icicles in winter season

Throughout most parts of the country, there has been some cold and stormy weather throughout the winter season which can have an impact on homes and business properties. While you may think that snow and ice are relatively harmless, when it comes to your home or business, there are certain signs you should look out for that may be a signal for you that there are problems on the way.


Roof Ice Dam Solutions

ice dams on roof during winter

For example, a lot of people ask why they are suddenly seeing icicles forming on their roof edges. While Christmas movies can make icicles look magical and festive, in reality, they are a warning sign you should not ignore. The presence of icicles can mean that heat is escaping from your home or business or that you have been through a freeze and thaw cycle. Ice dams are formed when the snow melts and runs down the roof and refreezes on the coldest part of your roof; the roof edge! This can happen when the temperature increases because the sun is out or it can also be caused by heat escaping your home. The edges of your roof remain colder and the snow that has melted refreezes and quickly a wall is formed; called an ice dam. The ice builds into a dam wall and this means that there is nowhere for the water to go, other than to pool up behind the wall back up beneath your roof shingles. This isn’t good. So, if you see icicles always forming on your roof edge, this is also a sign of an ice dam.

Of course, it is also important to look at what size the icicles are on your roof. If they are little icicles, this is a sign that the problem might not be that bad just yet. But, it is a sign that there is snow on your roof. So, you should focus on getting rid of the small roof ice dams that are up there to make sure that no more ice and snow become impacted and grow to cause damage. If you have the problem dealt with quickly, you can save yourself some costly bills for repairs in the future.

If you have some long icicles on the overhangs of your house that are several inches thick and look like large spears, you could have a bigger problem. In fact, it is pretty sure to say that you have roof ice dams on your home. This means there is a much higher risk of leaks developing and damage to your roof if you do not act quickly. You have got to make sure that you get all of the snow and ice off your roof edges as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this can lead to leaks and pooled snow meltwater seeking the path of least resistance by pushing beneath your shingles are between seems and into your home or business.   Once inside, the extent of damage can be almost limitless. Dangerous mold, structural rot, and damage to paintwork, furniture, walls throughout your home.

Why Choose HotEdge

getting rid of dangers of ice dams

Manual methods have to be used repeatedly throughout the winter season and every winter season until an investment is made into installing a solution. These types of methods (roof rakes, calcium chloride socks, etc) are often very dangerous amongst the many other reasons why HotEdge should be your top solution. Learn more about our products and see the comparison between HotEdge and other methods here.

One of the best ways to prevent icicles and roof ice dams altogether is by installing a roof ice melting system. These can attach to the edges of your roof so there is a consistent above freezing temperature and snow cannot refreeze to create a roof ice dam. Roof ice melt systems are economic to operate and will save you a lot of money in the long run! There will be no need for professional snow and ice removal services and you won’t have to do any of the emotional work yourself.


Say goodbye to roof ice dams and icicles for good and sit back and enjoy each winter season! Contact us today for more information.


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